How to Choose Your Claim Lawyer?


When it comes to choosing a claim lawyer to process your personal injury claim, it is important to consider the law firm and the lawyer, rather than just the lawyer. This is because the reputation of the law firm will give you a better indication of the kind of service you will receive, because while all lawyers follow the same law, most lawyers will also follow their law firm’s rules and procedures with regards to client communication.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about choosing a law firm and a lawyer:

The Law Firm

The law firm that you choose is just as important as the individual lawyer. Any law firm you are considering for your claim should be experienced with a good reputation to match, and they should specialise in your kind of accident or injury. For instance, if you have broken your wrist in a fall, or you have injured your leg in a cycling accident, then a law firm that has processed such claims before will be best-placed to help you in your claim.

Ideally, the law firm should have been operating for several years, because such law firms invariably have access to the best pool of lawyers. However, this is not always the case, since some newer law firms have excellent infrastructure too. For instance, a law firm like UK Claim Lawyers would be ideal, since they have experience, reputation and access to the best lawyers in the United Kingdom – lawyers who specialise in personal injury law.

The Individual Lawyer

The lawyer you choose should have a lot of case experience. Case experience refers to the types of cases they have worked on, and in what volume. Personal injury lawyers tend to specialise in a specific type of accident, so it is relatively easy to find a lawyer who has experience processing your type of claim. However, you will have a much easier time doing so if you contact a renowned law firm, as per our points above.

Another thing you should look out for when choosing an injury claim lawyer is the lawyer’s ‘success rate’. This is a percentage of the amount of cases a lawyer has won. In personal injury law, a success rate of 80 per cent or higher is excellent. Anything higher than that is of course ideal, however some lawyers do take on lower risk cases than others. If your case is particularly complex, such as if liability will be difficult to prove, then you will need a lawyer who is experienced with the investigative elements of making a claim. Most law firms have lawyers who specialise in high risk cases, though, so approach your claim with confidence.