Make Your Daily Commute Less of a Nightmare


Does your daily commute to work turn into a nightmare every single time? While driving should be a pleasure, the drive to and from work can be enough to put you off the idea of getting behind the wheel.

Thankfully, there are some fantastically easy ways to make your commute a lot more enjoyable and less stressful.

Start and Finish Earlier

The problem with the commute to work is that often thousands of people are trying to get to the same place at the same time. This can be lead to a real nightmare if you work in the city centre or in a busy commercial district.

However, what if you have some flexibility in your work that allows you to start and finish a bit earlier? In this case, you could avoid the worst of the traffic when going to work and when going home again.

Clearly not everyone has the sort of flexibility needed to do this, but it is definitely worth asking your manager whether it is something you can try.

You can try to fit it in with your lifestyle by taking your gym or hobby gear to work with you and heading straight out afterwards. Just put down something like a Hatchbag car boot mat to protect the car.

Try a Different Route

People are creatures of habit and tend to stick to the exact same route to work every single day. This explains why you are probably stuck in traffic next to the same cars in the same places every day of the week.

In the best case scenario, trying out a new route could let you skip the traffic and get to work or get home earlier. It is certainly worth trying out a few different approaches to see if this is the case.

Having said that, even if you don’t get a quicker journey like this, it could still be refreshingly less annoying. For instance, maybe you will need to travel further but can at least do it on less crowded streets.

A simple change of scenery on your drive to work can help to make you feel more relaxed. You might spend a bit more on fuel in this way but there is also the chance that you can drive in a smoother and more fuel-efficient way instead.

Listen to Music

In every traffic jam you are likely to see some people happily nodding away and singing along, while the rest of the drivers are quietly seething.

Listening to music isn’t going to make the traffic jam go away but it could make it easier for you to deal with. Just put on some great tunes and they will transport you to a happier place where you aren’t sitting there for ages surrounded by exhaust fumes and unhappy commuters.

Of course, if you want to try and cut through the traffic more easily then you could listen to the latest traffic reports on the radio instead. It might not be as interesting as putting on some great music but it could be of more practical use.

Look for Park and Ride Options

Park and ride options give you a clever way of getting to work easily without having to give up on driving your car. If you work in a big city with good transport links then there are probably a few of them to choose from.

By picking the right one you can get the best of both worlds each day. You still get to enjoy driving your car but you can also avoid the worst of the rush hour traffic too. If you need to take equipment to work then try fitting a Mercedes boot liner and taking it safely in the car before taking it onto public transport with you.

It might take a bit of getting used to if you have always driven all the way to work but it is worth making the effort. As well as helping you to avoid the frustrating traffic jams you can also save money if you get it right.

Get a New Job or Move Home

Do none of the above options seem like a good idea in your case? There are always going to be some cases in which there is simply no way to make your commute even a little bit better.

In this case, you need to ask yourself whether a more drastic course of action is needed. If you are losing hours and getting horribly frustrated every day then you need to ask yourself if it is all worth it.

Being caught up in daily traffic jams isn’t something that you just need to accept. If you want to live a better life then you could consider getting a job somewhere else or moving closer to your work.

Don’t let a nasty commute ruin your days. There are some effective ways of making this less of a problem from now on.