Top 4 Urban Obstacles & How to Avoid them


Riding bicycles is a fun experience. People ride bicycles to pass their time, commute and for losing weight. Riding bicycles is known to get your heart racing and that burns calories. If you wish to take up this enjoyable activity, the first thing you need is a good bicycle. You can either buy an entry level street cycle or crank up the budget to get yourself the best Trail Mountain bikes for 2016. No matter which bicycle you choose, ensuring its safety remains crucial for which BodyGearGuide’s bicycle lock Reviews is the best source.

Now moving onto your safety you should know that riding bikes off roads can cause injuries if you don’t wear protective gear or are not informed about how to deal with obstacles.

So, the first safety lesson that you must learn is to always use a good bike, wear protective gear and ride at an optimum. Now that you know the basic rules, let’s get to some learning. While most of the roads in the city are clear of obstacles, on some off roads, you will find some urban obstacles that may spoil your cycling time.

In order to get the most from your cycling session and prevent injuries, you should learn how to tackle the urban obstacles like a boss!

Let’s get started with this article. In this article, I am going to tell you about the most common urban obstacles that cyclists face and what they do to get over them.

Let’s get down to the first urban obstacle.

Curbs: Curbs are really fun to jump over. Some cyclists enjoy jumping curbs so much that they have created a fun sport on it. If you have seen stunt biking shows, you will know that people jump over a lot of different things because they like it. If you want to jump over curbs yourself, you should keep your weight at the rear wheel, raise the handlebar and quickly peddle to the side. But remember, getting caught at the curb can cause injuries.

Curbside drains: On most occasions, these curbside drains are not going to pose a threat to you. In fact, no biker is afraid of passing from a curbside drains. But sometimes, due to some event, your tyre might get stuck in the curbside drain. As a general safety practice, you should make sure that you are always careful of the curbside drains.

Dogs: A dog is a man’s best friend and sometimes they get too friendly towards the bicyclists. They get so friendly that the bicyclist gets into trouble. If on some unfortunate day, a dog begins to chase, you should first try to out-chase him, if you can’t, then look for an exit, get off your bike and start walking. This will most certainly startle the dog and he will stop chasing you.

Cars: One thing that you surely find in modern cities is cars. Cars are extremely convenient vehicles but some fools use it to show off that they can ride at top speed within the city. As a bicyclist, you should always be aware of your surrounding and always have control of the bike. Sometimes, a car may come in front of your and that can cause a collision.