Unique Ways to Display Wedding Place Cards


Place cards are not only important for your guests, but they can be a great and creative way to work in your wedding theme, or add in some of your personalities. Place cards used to be a simple piece of paper to help guests find their assigned seat, but now you can do so much more with them. We’ve compiled a list of unique ways that you can display your wedding place cards to both wow your guests and give them something to talk about.

Window Panels

Great for garden or rustic weddings, window pane panels are another creative way to display seating arrangements. You can paint the window panels or leave them as is, and use a marker to write in all of the table designations. Finding old window panes is pretty easy and affordable, just head to your local antique or thrift shop to find a decent selection. If you are having trouble find them, you can always build your own out of some pine boards and ABS plastic sheets from your local home improvement center.

Think Space

“I love you to the moon and back” is a popular quote that is used in a lot of wedding decor. Now you can incorporate the space theme more by using tables as constellations. This can be a fun DIY project, getting a chalkboard or black Bristol board and painting on the constellations and their names before adding the guest name tags as well. Even if the rest of your wedding doesn’t follow the space theme, it’s a great analogy for eternal love that will literally go on forever.

Bring the Outside Inside

For individual place cards at tables, think of different ways that you can display the small cards at the table using outdoor items. For example, winter weddings sometimes see decorated pinecones that hold place cards on them. Some couples use a little bit of glitter or sprigs of pine as a simple but smart way to display the cards. By repurposing easy to find outdoor items, you can easily make a beautiful place card holder for almost no money.

Wedding Sparkler Cards

If you want to make your place cards more interactive, you can always make them as wedding sparkler holders to give your guests something fun to use during your reception. You can find all sorts of templates for free online, and then all you’ll need is some sparklers for weddings to stick into each place card. Consider adding a fun quote on the sparkler cards like “light the way for love” or “let love sparkle” to really make your place cards stand out. Your guests will love using their wedding sparklers, and it will be a great way to make your place cards an interactive experience.

Get Creative

If you and your partner have some time on your hands, DIY the individual place cards for the tables. Think watercolor painting, napkin name tags, buttons, bookmarks and much more. Guests will love that you took time from your day to create the place card, and with items such as buttons and bookmarks, the guests can choose to bring these items home with them too as a memory of your wedding day.