5 Easter Basket Ideas for Your Flatmates

Easter Basket Ideas

Though it may feel like we only just passed the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, Easter is right around the corner! So many of us have fond memories of waking up early on Easter morning to take a peek around the house for any Easter eggs poking out from behind the plants or under the chairs. The grand finale, of course, was finding your Easter basket filled with enough goodies to guarantee that you and your siblings would be racing around the house all day.

Why do we let such a fun tradition fade away as we get older? Why shouldn’t adults receive some goodies in a basket on Easter? If you’re living in shared house or apartment with flatmates, why not keep the fun of Easter alive and hide a little something special for them to find this April 1st?

An adult Easter basket doesn’t need to be filled with just candy—get creative and fill a flatmates’ baskets with items based on their tastes and interests. Read on for some flatmate Easter basket inspiration!

  1. For the Flatmate that Loves to Pamper

If you’ve got a flatmate that loves to unwind with a hot bath and some aromatherapy, have a look at this Coconut and Lotus Pamper Hamper. The star of this hamper is the gorgeous luxury bathrobe with a super soft plush pile that is so fluffy; your flatmate will probably never take it off. On top of that, the hamper also includes a soy candle, luxurious hand cream, and a fresh body wash, all of which are scented with delicate lotus blossoms and sweet coconut for ultimate relaxation. An assorted box of milk and dark chocolate tops off this Easter basket, leaving you with one perfectly pampered flatmate.

  1. For the Flatmate Who Loves to Cook

Have a flatmate who is always experimenting in the kitchen? Head to your local homewares and grocery stores and stock up on some new kitchen gadgets and ingredients to fill up her Easter basket! Since you share the flat with your mate, you’ll know exactly what kitchen might be lacking. Need some new measuring cups or spoons? Find some that come in fun colours or patterns. Has there been a recipe your flatmate has been wanting to try? Pick up any ingredients needed to make it. You can even display all of the new equipment in a new mixing bowl or casserole dish as the Easter “basket.”

  1. For the Dog-Obsessed Flatmate

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with her dog, and some of us share a flat with that friend.  If your flatmate would love a whole basket of goodies for her furry companion, Easter is the perfect opportunity to make her dreams come true. Head to your local pet shop to pick up some toys and treats, and maybe even a new stylish leash. If you’ve got a photo of your flatmate with her dog, you might pick up a frame and add a special memento to her Easter basket as well. If you’re feeling extra generous you could also include a few homemade coupons to take her pooch for a walk or give him a bath. Once you’ve gathered everything up you can place it all into a new doggy water dish as the “basket!”

  1. For the Health Nut Flatmate

If one or more of your flatmates are on a healthy-eating or fitness kick, you definitely don’t want to undermine their efforts with an Easter basket full of sugary goodies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a fun and healthy basket for them! Fill up most of the basket with their favourite fruits and nuts—maybe add in a couple of exotic ones as well for fun and variety! You can also add some simple workout gear like resistance bands, headbands to keep back sweaty hair, or a massage ball or rolling stick to help loosen up sore muscles. Maybe add in just a few treats as well—everything in moderation!

  1. For the Movie Lover

Putting together an Easter basket for a movie lover flatmate is super simple and will give you a great excuse to spend a night in relaxing together. Pick up a few of her favourite DVDs or choose some she hasn’t seen yet but might enjoy. Add in a couple of bags of popcorn and some candy to munch on during the movie—you can even pick up a big popcorn bowl to use as the Easter “basket” to hold everything. Last but not least, put in a fleece blanket to snuggle under while watching the movies!