5 Essential Benefits of Gourmet Black Coffee


Can you imagine heading out to work without a strong cup of Organo black coffee to give you a burst of energy to kick start your day? Certainly not!

Black coffee does not only give you an energizing burst of caffeine that increases the productivity of your body, but also, it enriches and replenishes your body with some essential and vital nutrients. Indeed, black coffee contains several nutritious and effective antioxidants that improve your health and increase your body’s immunity. Although access of anything can have adverse consequences, a carefully regulated and balanced intake of black coffee has several positive impacts on your health and vitality.

Let us walk you through the top 5 benefits of consuming a gourmet black coffee:

Black Coffee is extremely low in calories and fats, so it helps you lose weight:

One cup of Ganoderma black coffee contains 0 grams of fats and little over than just 2 calories. Also, it increases your metabolism and that instigates weight loss.

The chlorogenic acid in black coffee slows down the production of glucose in your body, along with slowing down the development of new fat cells. Moreover, a cup of black coffee helps you supress your hunger by increasing the metabolic activity of your body.

Essential Nutrients: 

Caffeine in organo black coffee energizes your body and clears out your brain, while the essential potassium regulates the activity of your heart.

 Black coffee can actually help prevent cancer!

The botanical compound of coffee is extremely effective in curing rectal, breast and colon cancer when it is consumed as plain black coffee, without the addition of milk or cream. Ground-breaking research conducted at the Harvard Medical School has proved that people who drink black coffee have only a 50% chance of contracting liver cancer as opposed to those who don’t.

 Reduced risk of contracting a heart disease:

A study that appeared in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ in 2006, has proved that consuming black coffee helps in eliminating the risk of contracting a heart disease by reducing the inflammation level of the body.

 A credible and widely recognized Japanese experiment consisting of more than 76,000 participants have proved that consuming two or more cups of black coffee can reduce the risk of a cardiovascular disease by 38%.

 Protection against terminal and degenerative illnesses:

 Black coffee is extremely rich in essential and effective antioxidants that strengthen your body’s immunity and prepare it to effectively battle against the intrusion of all bacteria and illnesses. For instance, coffee prevents Type 2 diabetes and the Parkinson’s disease.

 Diabetes is spreading among the youth at an alarming rate, and extensive research has led to the discovery that the consumption of black coffee significantly reduces the chances of contracting type-2 diabetes. Chain black coffee drinkers are at a great advantage as with each cup of gourmet black coffee they consume, they reduce their risk of contracting diabetes, as long as the coffee does not contain any sugar.