5 Great Marketing Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank


Every day, companies are trying out new marketing strategies. Some work and some don’t. It’s important to think outside of the box because consumers see what others are doing and don’t want to be lured by the same thing that every other company is doing.

Below are five great marketing ideas that certainly won a large number of consumers. It just shows how marketing outside of the box can pay off in a big way.

“Month at the Museum” Contest

The Museum of science and industry, located in Chicago Illinois, was looking to try and attract young as well as web savvy fans. The winner of the contest would get to stay inside the museum, in a hotel room of sorts. They would be responsible for talking about their experience on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter – they would also earn $10,000 for the effort. It paid off because they were able to get a significant amount of local and national media exposure and have more traffic than ever before to the website.

Flip Camera Video

Germanwings is a German air carrier offering discount fares. They decided to use Flip cameras and cardboard signs while on discount competitor, Ryanair. The “passengers” held up signs about how they hated being on the flight, and then the last time last to focus on Germanwings. The result was 400,000 YouTube videos and it was a low cost advertisement.


Target got creative during fashion week in New York, and rented the street facing rooms of the Standard Hotel in Manhattan. At sundown, 66 dancers were dressed in Day-Glo suits and danced to a score created by DJ’s and Spiegel. The light show was reminiscent of Close Encounters, and provided a show for approximately 3000 people at street level and resulted in 12.6 million Google hits.

Social Media Event

Volta Ferrorama is a Brazilian company that used to produce toy trains, and they notice that there are several Internet communities dedicated to the brand. They wondered whether they could launch the toy train again and attract the newer generation of buyers. An event was staged online, and promoted using Facebook, Twitter, and various news media outlets. It was part of Twitter’s trending topics three times in Brazil and attracted more than 600,000 YouTube views.

Free Air Guitar

A new radio station, 96.3, was launched in Glasgow, Scotland – and they didn’t have a large marketing budget. Empty guitar racks were set up around the city, with a sign above that read “free air guitar. Take one.” It resulted in a significant amount of people noticing, and the photos of the racks, including some people demonstrating air guitar, appeared in social media, on blogs, as well as in the local newspaper. It made it possible for more people to tune in and check out FM 96.3, which is exactly what happened.

It’s All About Great Marketing Ideas

It all comes down to having a great marketing idea and going forward with it. These companies took a risk and didn’t know whether it was going to pan out for them or not. It could have gone in a different direction, but it didn’t. They decided to run with it and see what happened – and it worked for them. This means that businesses need to get creative and think about ways to engage their target audience, even if it sounds completely ridiculous. That’s when it may work even better than ever expected.

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