5 Things You Need to Know About Auto Body Shops


Every car owner has to visit an auto body shop, sometime or other. Be it a small repair or replacement job or a major collision repair, the role of auto body shop cannot be ignored. But, do you know these amazing facts about any auto body shop? Check out this article and find out if you were already aware of these facts.

  1. The Repair Suggestions by the Mechanic are Mostly True

We take the help of an auto body shop, when we don’t have enough knowledge or skill about how to solve a car issue, be it minor or major. But we often doubt, if the mechanics are unnecessarily adding up more work to make some extra money. But if we analyze it carefully, this concept proves to be wrong. The reason being, that car parts are linked up with each other. If the auto body shop experts are suggesting some apparently unrelated repair work, you can be rest assured that those parts were interdependent. At this age of internet, information is at your fingertips. You can check out if, what the mechanics are suggesting is right. Then, more repair means more work. The money you spend extra is also used in purchase and labor, which have a cost of their own. So, how much do they profit?

  1. Approved Shops Too Have Deal with Insurers

Auto insurers make contract with the providers who repair vehicles at a pre-negotiated rate this might be one of the reasons, why at times their cost appears to be un realistic. In some shops, the price is negotiated at low hourly rates, and in that case, you might get a work done at a negotiable price.

  1. You Need to Check the Original Replacement Parts

Original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are the ones that match precisely with your damaged car parts and are the safest. But if your repair work is getting covered by the insurer, make sure to check out on the parts, if they are OEM indeed, as many times the insurer might pressurize the auto body shop to use aftermarket products, as they are cheaper.

  1. The Due Date Might Not Match with Delivery for Valid Reasons

According to the Salisbury auto body shop experts, if the auto body shop you’ve chosen is a renowned one, and yet they did not deliver you your car on the due date, there might be several valid reasons behind that delay.

  • Mechanics regularly face delays in parts delivery.
  • Sometimes a paint job might take more time to dry because of weather conditions.
  • At times a repair work might not be satisfactory, and they need to re-do the entire process to make your car ride safely enough on road.
  • Your car needs one more inspection to deliver the perfect condition.
  1. Not Every Auto Body Is Expert in Everything

Different auto body shops specialize in different areas. In most cases the shop will define their area of expertise in their shop itself, and you have to ask them, if they have not mentioned a particular work in their banner. They even specialize in particular brands. Hence, if you need a repair work to be done, visit the concerned auto body shop after a bit of advance research.