5 ways to avoid picking the wrong dissertation topic


When it comes to writing a dissertation, a common fear among students is the worry that they will choose the wrong topic. A lot of thought goes into the topic of a dissertation and rightly so- this is not a piece of work to be taken lightly! To save you the stress, here are 5 ways to avoid choosing the wrong dissertation topic – all suggested by professional dissertation writers!

1. Do your research

A classic error when selecting a dissertation topic is to do insufficient research before choosing. Far too many students throw themselves into their dissertations only to realise too late that they have chosen the wrong topic – one that they aren’t confident completing or can’t find sufficient resources for. Professional dissertation writers suggest doing plenty of research on multiple topics before selecting one particular topic.

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2. Resist peer pressure

Peer pressure is a powerful force and at university it’s more common than anywhere else. However, picking a dissertation topic just because everyone else is doing it can lead to disaster. If you follow the herd, your dissertation is likely to be far less original than it would if you forged your own path. Further, it might not suit your skills and interests. So, by all means ask your peers what they have chosen for their topic, but resist the temptation to choose something similar.

3. Use your tutor

Your tutors at university are like professional assignment writers – there’s not much they don’t know. Make sure you ask for a dissertation tutor who is an expert in your field of study; this will really help you to stay on the right path when picking a topic. Your supervisor will be able to advise you which topics would suit your particular skills, things to include and things to avoid. Use their guidance and you’ll be well on your way to writing a great dissertation.

4. Know your own limits

Many students end up choosing the wrong dissertation topic because they take on a topic that is far too complicated for their degree level, or that would involve more research than they have the time or word count to complete. Other students underestimate themselves, ending up with a topic that doesn’t add anything new to their field of study and that won’t challenge them. When it comes to choosing a topic, make sure you push yourself – choose an exciting and interesting topic that will challenge you, but at the same time is feasible.

5. Choose something you enjoy!

Perhaps the most important way to avoid choosing the wrong dissertation topic – select a topic that you know you will enjoy writing about. Often students choose a topic because they think it will look good, or because they know there is an abundance of information on that subject. However, the right topic for you will be one you are genuinely interested in researching and writing about – believe us, passion makes a world of difference. Good luck!