6 Tips To Use Exercise For Guaranteeing Your Mental Wellbeing


Are you someone who is always active on social media? The possibilities are that you have seen a post highlighting the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the past Mental Health Awareness Week. But here’s a tough question—Have you taken a step toward ensuring peace and happiness? If not, this one is for you!

In case you are looking forward to engaging in some exciting and thrilling activities, we recommend checking out VoucherBucket. But first, go through these six tips to use exercise for guaranteeing your mental wellbeing:

  1. Walk it off

If you have just started getting interested in exercise, it is preferable to avoid joining a gym at first. No, we aren’t crazy! It’s just that a workout might seem too exhausting. Thus, it’s better to take small steps toward becoming an exercise pro. For starters, take the stairs instead of the lift. Start by setting a minor goal of walking 100 steps on a daily basis. Eventually, kick it up a notch and consciously choose activities that require you to be physically active, such as hiking, instead of sedentary ones, such as going to the movies.

  1. The routine life

As an adult, your day is undoubtedly packed with a thousand different chores and a hundred different assignments that the world needs you to complete. But, just as it is with everything necessary, you need to make time for your physical wellbeing, which would eventually translate to the Zen you so desperately seek. Plan your day ahead so that you know exactly when you have breathing room in your hectic schedule and cram it with activities that make adrenaline surge through your veins. Do this continuously for two weeks, and it would become a habit in the end.

  1. DON’T—Ignore anxiety and wait for motivation

Success lies out of your comfort zone and, therefore, acknowledging fear is sometimes a good idea. In the next few months of the year, try to sign up for things that seem intriguing but incite your anxiety, such as competing in a sports event at your workplace, waking up early and going to the gym consistently. Although your brain would convince you that there’s nothing better to do than cuddle up in a blanket and re-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the 10th time, channel your willpower and go out with your friends. The motivation will follow.

  1. Take your pick

There’s no mould that fits everyone when it comes to exercising. Some prefer the calming swimming pool, quite a few people fall in love with the mindfulness that is associated with yoga, whereas others can’t wait to step into the dance floor on a Friday night. Cycling, dance, swimming, and yoga are just some of the things that you can try out to start your exercise journey. It’s as simple as that—you have to pick a favourite and stick with it!

  1. Go back to your childhood

What are your favourite memories from your childhood? We are sure that playing with your friends must have been one of them. We tend to lose touch with our childish exuberance and innocence while growing up and become comfortable with our 9-to-5 desk jobs. Do yourself a favour—call up your buddies and schedule an impromptu game of basketball for the weekend. Even if your best friends are unavailable, quit giving making excuses. Go for a quick jog on your neighbourhood playground, and you’ll inevitably end up making new friends and playing a quick game with them.

  1. Don’t underestimate rest

We know that you might feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed when you are surrounded with people who seem actively motivated to work out six days a week. But everyone has different growth levels when it comes to exercise. Don’t hold yourself up to impossible standards and exercise in moderation. Balance is all about starting out with walking for ten minutes in a day and gradually challenging yourself to go to the gym twice or, ideally, thrice in a week. In certain exceptional cases, when you can’t work out after a hectic day, give yourself some leeway and try the next day again.

Everyone will tell you that following these six steps is easier said than done. But that’s what adulting is all about—coming out as a champion and doing the best for your physical and mental wellbeing when the odds are stacked against you.