7 Things a Divorce Lawyer does for you

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Divorces are never easy – they involve lots of emotions and resources, and get even worse when there are kids involved and assets to divide. However, an experienced divorce lawyer can help make the process easier.

If you are facing divorce, it is highly recommended that you work with a divorce attorney. In addition to offering expert advice to help you make informed decisions, your lawyer will assist you to navigate this stage of your life more easily. Keep in mind that divorce laws are complex, and with a lot at stake, it is in your best interest to have a qualified lawyer from Speaks Family Law in your quarters.

Here are things a divorce lawyer does for you:

Provide objective advice

Divorce is a highly emotional period and can take a toll on you. Your lawyer will act as your guide and will advise you about things that will affect your future, including custody and support issues. The lawyer will help maintain objectivity in the case, so you can focus on what’s important as opposed to how you feel.

Offer legal advice

Divorce lawyers deal with divorce cases daily; they have an incredible understanding of the process and can leverage their expertise to help you get the best possible outcome. The same cannot be said for you, because, you don’t go through divorces every other day. Your lawyer will inform you of what to bring, how to act, what to say and how to behave throughout the case to improve the outcome of your case.

Take the stress out of the process

Divorce process involves lots of paperwork – you’ll need to file a petition, serve your spouse and submit the papers to court for approval and so on. Your lawyer will not only help you do all these, but they will also ensure that the divorce forms are correctly filled just so there are no delays in your case.

Account for marital assets

Your divorce lawyer will gather records and find all assets and liabilities to ensure that the settlement correctly takes care of these possessions.

Explain property division

The attorney can explain how property is handled during a divorce – you and your spouse may keep the property that you acquired before marriage, and even the assets that you accumulated separately according to your pre- or postnuptial agreement. Your lawyer will inform you whether the property is equitable distribution state or community property state.

Help with custody plans

The lawyer can help you develop a parenting plan that works for both of you and addresses the needs of the child.

Determine benefits and spousal support

A divorce attorney can help evaluate whether your spouse is eligible for spousal support or may be needed to pay it. Often, the support is demanded when your incomes vary or when one of you sacrificed their career to advance the others’. Besides, one of you may be entitled to a part of the business that the other operates. A spouse may also be entitled to a portion of their spouse’s Social Security income and pension if they’ve been married for 10+ years.