All you need to know about Spine Tumor Removal Surgery


Spinal tumours are mainly neoplasms which basically refer to abnormal tissue growth. It basically surrounds the spinal cord. If it originates in the spinal tissue, then it is known as the primary tumours. If it spreads towards the spine from other places, then it is known as secondary tumours. It can spread towards the spine from other places like the prostate, breast, lung etc. Spinal tumours can be very harmful as it can cause neurological problems, paralysis and even pain. Spinal tumours can be very life-threatening and can do some serious damage to spinal cord and brain as well. As every function of our body is controlled by the brain and the spinal cord so this kind of tumours can cause serious damage to the body as well and makes people helpless and more dependent on people. It is mainly treated by radiation therapy, medications, chemotherapy and surgery. The symptoms varies depending on various factors like the location of the tumour, health history of the patient, types of tumours, size of the tumours and also the age of the patient. Some other symptoms include numbness, weakness, problem with urination, pain, back or neck pain, weight loss, vomiting, nausea, fever, shakes, spine pain, scoliosis, muscle weakness, spinal deformities, numbness in the body, difficulty in standing, deformity etc. Patient’s having cancer on the other parts of the body can be more affected to spinal tumours and that is why cancer patients must screen the spinal cord regularly and evaluate any kind of neck and back pain they are facing.

The main causes of spinal cord tumours are: Neurofibromatosis 2, Von Hippel-Lindau disease, genetical causes, radiation exposure, exposure to chemicals, drug addiction, diabetes, smoking etc. Diagnosis is mainly done by bone scanning, MRI, Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) examination, Spine x-ray, Cytology, Myelogram. Spine Tumor Removal Surgery in India is used when the tumour cannot be cured by anything else. There are mainly two types of surgery that are done for removing spinal tumours like minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. For metastatic spine tumours mainly open surgery is preferable. Surgery must be done ASAP if the patient’s condition is severe because in some cases the patient’s life can be in danger. Spinal tumours are fatal as well and that is why surgery must be done immediately when really needed. To avoid any kind of permanent injury one must quickly provide treatment to the patient. After surgery it is very important that patients go through a strict lifestyle. They shouldn’t start smoking and drinking and totally quit them. After surgery patients can go for rehabilitation as it can help in making them accustomed to their old lifestyle once again. The type of operation and the seriousness of the condition of the patients are other factors that determines recovery period of the patient. Minimally invasive spine surgeries are more preferred by doctors because it has fewer complications and helps the patient to heal up soon. It also less damage to the surrounding areas of the tumours and unnecessarily healthy cells are not damaged. If you need surgery, then come to India because spine tumour surgery cost in India is affordable than other countries.