An overview about pregnancy leukorrhea?


Pregnancy does pose its advantages and one of them is goodbye to periods for 9 months. This could stretch longer if you are breastfeeding. What is leukorrhea during pregnancy is one of the frequented questions. An abnormal white discharge happens to be a pregnancy symptom. Though it is an indicator to a lady that they are expecting.

The reasons why vaginal discharge is expected to increase during pregnancy?

The moment you become pregnant body increases production of estrogen hormone. This hormone goes on to support and foster nourishment of your developing baby. To your pelvic region they are responsible for increasing blood flow. A series of hormonal waves would make an expectant mother a lot damper than the normal self.

Though increase in discharge levels can be annoying, but in a majority of cases it is harmless or odourless. Leukorrhea goes on to provide an additional layer of protection for your new born baby by enhancing production of healthy bacteria in your vagina and maintaining your PH balance.

Unhealthy discharge and normal leukorrhea?

Normal discharge during pregnancy would be on similar lines as you expect during a normal cycle. In case if you’re vaginal discharge is greenish or yellowish in colour it could point to an infection. Based on these symptoms it is better to call your doctor. Apart from this burning or itching would also warrant medical attention. A doctor could provide you with healthy medications when you are pregnant.

If you notice blood straight away get in touch with your doctor.  When you are pregnant a little bit of spotting would be ok.

Coping with leukorrhea during phase of pregnancy?

An increase in discharge level is healthy and normal in most cases. Though this would not make things comfortable. To manage this annoying discharge there are a few tips that you can practice.

  • Pads or panty liners can be worn. If you are able to keep yourself in something dry or comfortable it would be great.
  • Breathable and loose clothes are to be worn. A little bit of air circulation is healthy
  • Keep away from the use of tampons. It is easily prone to germs pushing your baby towards a wade of bacteria. Travelling with a pair of under wear and panty liner would be a better idea
  • Scented washes or douches are better if you leave it on the shelf. The vagina does do a great job if it is kept clean or well balanced. In douches there are chemicals that would throw off PH issue or a sensitive tissue. What is leukorrhea during pregnancy figures out that it is odourless?  Rinsing it in the shower would be more than enough to keep it clean
  • Clearly understand whether it is leukorrhea or not. All of a sudden a gush of water could be urine. Even in the later stages of pregnancy it can be water breaking. Perform pelvic exercises on a recurring basis. If the water bag breaks you are well on the way to meet your new born baby.