Tops are a wonderful way to expand your wardrobe and make it seems as if print tops 1you are wearing something new every day. Most people will notice your great new top before even noticing your bottoms. It’s true! And what is more is there are thousands and thousands of options from top designers, retailers, specialty companies, or even celebrity or movie inspired tops. Here are some things to look for in tops today that will make you look like a star on a daily basis:

Print Tops

Print tops are a great option whether you want to pair them with a skirt, jeans, capris, shorts, or tailored trousers. The fabric and styling of a print top means it can either appear professional (even formal) or casual and simple. You’ll find print tops in poplin, silk, cotton, polyester blends, and more. When accounting for the number of cuts you can buy printed tops in, from the basic ringer tee to a halter, racer back, or V-neck. Select tops that are not too tight or too short for your frame, pair them with your favorite heels, sandals, jeans, skirt, sweats, or trousers, and your favorite bag. Feel free to layer more than one top under your print top, or compliment the look with a scarf.

Express Yourself

Print tops are so great because they allow you to fully express facets of your personality, opinions, or styles that are normally not so easy to express, or so fashionable when doing so. From popular sayings, sports franchises, products, patterns, characters, and more, chances are that if you look hard enough, you can find it on a top that has been printed. And, if not, you even have the option from some retailers to design a top for printing yourself with your own images, designs, and words. These make great gifts.

Silk Tops

For a more formal look, avoid the normal cotton or jersey tees and go for silk tops with or without prints or accents. Silk is always in style because of its flowing lines, elegance, and simple sheen. If you want a silk top with more structure to accentuate your bust or waist, buy one with ruching around the waist, or one that is gathered or comes with a tie or belt. Wear these with a fitted skirt (such as a pencil skirt), fitted trousers, or your best pair of dark washed jeans for an outfit that will catch everyone’s eye.

The Longer, the Better

If you want to accentuate the flowing lines of a silk top, or let the fabric speak for itself, look for asymmetrical cuts that will drape around your upper body beautifully. Perhaps a gathered halter with a bright floral splash, or a ruffled silk top paired with a leather vest. Silk tops are gorgeous when their cut is longer, also accentuating your hips, and drawing the eye along the body with a simple cut of a top. For more fluidity in your silk top, look for one with a bit longer cut, whether the longer cut be in the back, or to one side.

Evening Tops

Evening tops can be nearly whatever you make them! From silk, cotton, plaid, or knit. Be sure to choose the right top for your occasion, however. You would not want to wear a chunky sweater to a formal affair, or wear a silk top out to the local sports bar. It will seem strange and out of place. Instead, put on an evening top that reflects your mood, style, personality, and atmosphere of the event you are attending. With so many options, you should find it relatively easy to find a stylish top for a specific event.

Evening tops are a fabulous addition to your closet because they are designed for wear out, but with a keen eye you can also choose a style and look that will translate to interviews, work events, office hours, or meetings with colleagues. Just keep in mind that you want a more conservative cut, something you can easily throw a sweater or shrug over, or another top under to give you move coverage. Then, when your workday is through, simply remove the cover, or change out of the bottom top. It’s that simple. You will save both money and time by being able to transition from day to evening, and wear at least one part of wardrobe to both work and out.

The above points make it clear that print tops, silk tops, and evening tops are wonderfully versatile and varied additions to your wardrobe. Why not start looking for your new top today? Be sure to explore your options, keep the above tips in mind, and pick out something that says you.