Birthday Gift Baskets inspirations for that special lady

Birthday Gift Baskets

Ever wondered why we celebrate birthdays? It’s natural that a parent would be excited about the birth of their child, but why would we mark this date year after year? Well, there’s an assumption that ancient Europeans gave birthday gifts to chase evil spirits. Many festivals involved gift giving and food offerings, so it makes sense that birthdays would too.

In the modern world, we often give birthday gifts as a sign of affection, at least with friends and family. Buying a gift for a colleague, boss, or client may be more about obligation and professional etiquette. Unfortunately, shopping for your lady love can seem like an obligation as well. Buy the wrong gift and your life will be hard for the next few weeks.

Of course it’s much worse if you forget the birthday altogether. Then you’re really in for it. So if you find yourself in that situation, save face with an appropriate gift hamper. She won’t know it was a last-minute choice, especially if you fill the gift basket with things you’re sure she enjoys. For extra benefit, as some jewellery or her favourite perfume to the gift hamper.

Jewellery is a good gift because it’s amorous, so anytime you want to buy her a gift, add a necklace, earrings, a hair ornament, or a brooch. Stay away from rings. They send a powerful message, and you don’t want to inadvertently say ‘those words.’ Not unless you really mean it. If you want to get her a birthstone, have it cut into some other type of jewellery.

Bountiful Basket

They say food is a crucial part of seduction, so if you’re shopping for your wife or girlfriend, it makes a good choice. Of course the Bountiful Basket doesn’t contain anything particularly naughty, so it would work just as well for your sister, cousin, or mum. You might want to avoid giving it to colleague or casual crush though, she may feel overwhelmed.

This gift hamper is packaged in a cosy basket that makes a good keepsake. It comes with a gift card, so she can pick up a little something of her choice. The hamper itself contains  white wine, shortbread fingers, chocolate wafers, beer paste, biscuits, coffee, flatbread, truffles, mustard, pretzels, and a few pieces Ferrero Rocher.

Rise and Shine

The perfect start to a birthday is breakfast in bed. This is all the more precious if your lady is the main chef in your home. Organise the house’s morning routine and take over her chores so that she can sleep in. Then make her a yummy meal of her choosing, or simply present this hamper before using its ingredients to prepare a queen’s breakfast.

The gift basket is filled with apple cinnamon pancake mix, maple syrup, and Belgian biscuits. For beverages, the gift basket has an instant cappuccino mix and assorted tea. If you’d like a personalised touch, you can pay extra for a stuffed animal, balloons, chocolate, or a specially printed birthday mug.

Gardening Gift Basket

Buying a gift that suits her hobbies is always a hit. It’s thoughtful gift because it says you pay attention to her, and that you notice the things that interest her. Before you invest in this hamper, be sure she really does have green thumbs. Just because she likes flowers doesn’t mean she wants to grow her own. If you know she likes getting her hands dirty, dig in.

This basket is a hobbyist’s dream. First, it comes in an actual basket that she can use to ferry her gardening supplies. It has gardening gloves, stainless steel garden tools, and a garden rock for beautiful landscaping. Ithas two packets of flower seeds so she can add some colour to her garden. It also has some ice tea mix she can enjoy as she watches her greenery.

To go with her lemony ice drink, the hamper has tea-time snacks like apple chips, chocolate wafer rolls, trail mix, rosemary garlic crackers, and a fruit medley. Invite her for a garden picnic, or take over her chores for the day and let her put her feet up and enjoy soothing music, a good book, and the scent of fresh garden flowers. It’s a perfect birthday.