Common Benefits of a Grappling Dummy


When we talk about a combat athlete, a grappling dummy is the next best thing to a real opponent. Grappling dummies allow you to mimic movements which are used in a real fight such as slams, throws and grapples etc.

There are a lot of types of grappling dummies, however, most of them are shaped like a human torso to some extent. Some of these even have legs and arms which can help the athlete to practice locks and holds. As we move on, I will talk about some of the common benefits offered by a grappling dummy to professional, as well as, beginner athletes.

You can practice skills to perfection:

With grappling dummies, you can practice your skills to perfection as there is no limit to what you do to them. A live training partner or opponent cannot be slammed on the floor again and again to learn a technique properly. You cannot match your stamina with your live training partner as well as your endurance. However, with a grappling dummy, you can keep on practicing a skill until you finally master it. Without any limits, you will also build endurance which is a key factor to keep yourself focused in a real fight. These dummies can be used in a variety of techniques and can be slotted in any form of martial arts.

Exposes your weaknesses:

Another major benefit of a grappling dummy is that it immediately exposes any weaknesses you might have in the tie in’s between pecs, hips or abdominal muscles. Grappling dummies target your body as a whole unlike other extensive body workouts. This allows you to find out any lagging areas in an instant.

Increases strength and physical performance:

Grappling dummies give you an opportunity to increase your physical strength and performance. Your grappling strength, physical endurance and punching power is increased through training with grappling dummies. Your mix martial art techniques will become stronger and it will provide you with an overall energy boost throughout your body. Grappling dummies are a great way to increase your strength and power and making your techniques stronger.

Grappling dummies are great when you are looking to practice your skills without any counter moves. In a real fight, you do not have time to experience new moves and holds and you have to rely on traditional techniques. However, with a grappling dummy, you can always evolve and learn.