Crowdfunding , Kickstarter funding best tips for bands


We recently started a scheme with private investors who are interested in funding music projects once there is clear media interest so first off do check this section on our site so if you are interested in knowing more about that then do feel free to go to our site and check out the funding section, but….other funding mechanisms are also available so I thought I would ask one of our clients the wonderful Myles Sanko…… give us an insight from an artist perspective how he approached his recent crowdfunding campaign and this is what he came up with , so if you wish to contact us it would be great to know if this was of help..

Tips from an artist regarding crowd-funding :

  • Tell a good story to why you need funding.
  • Research other similar successful crowd-funding campaigns to see how you can better yours.
  • Crowd-fund for something that your fans would really be interested in.
  • Have great and exciting pledges on offer. Think outside the box!
  • Crowd-funding can only really be successful if you have a good strong fanbase.
  • Pick the right time that sits best with your fans to launch the campaign.
  • Update your fans on progress regularly so everyone can feel part of it.
  • Share weekly videos and pictures of the project.

It is really different for each person and the really isn’t a right and a wrong way to do this…..

As mentioned there are many methods to crowd funding and the likes of Pledge and Kickstarter tend to be many artist’s go to platforms and given that for a good number of years I worked with the legendary Malcolm Dunbar who now is the big cheese at Pledge Music they would be my immediate first stop primarily because of the personal side of things and the fact that he has music running through his veins and like with all things music related it is best to go with people who you really feel understand you and your aims. Every day at Quite Great Music PR we have perhaps five or six artists from around the world asking us to set up a structure with our inhouse team of radio, press, online and tv pluggers , to enable them to release and market themselves across the UK. The first thing we discuss is music , the second thing is naturally budget as the sooner we can get the B word out of the way the better and hence I fully understand the importance amongst artists of funding correctly.

In many ways you need to see this as a small business start up , where you have to budget for a series of releases – as next to no body hits a homerun generally with their first release –  then once everyone understand the budgeting then you can revert to the fundamental strategy over an agreed timeframe to develop your music .

The big red flag in all this comes when an artist has spent all their hard earned money on production and hence has nothing left to promote hence it is like baking a cake but never being able to take it out of the oven!!!!!!!!???? Ok so I am a fan of BAKE OFF too……anyway , your music will then sit and go cold, which quite a lot of musicians actually don’t mind as they really never wish to have their music diagnosed…but maybe more of that later, anyway hence why if you feel your production is tip top , then it is time to budget and go for crowdfunding.

Once again check out our funding opportunities at undoubtedly use a mix of creative and focused ideas to help increase your funding opportunities and naturally if you wish to talk to us about promoting such a crowdfunding enterprise then do drop us an email or skype even at QUITEGR8.