Dance Tips to Become a Better Dancer


Do you live for the moments when you are practicing at the bar with nothing but the music and the mirror to keep you company?

Do you crave the spotlight and enjoy the roar of the audience after a successful performance?

If so, you might be an aspiring dancer!

Dance is a competitive field, but there are ways to give yourself an edge over the competition. Here are a few tips to make you the best dancer that you can be:


Great dancers have great technique. You should be practicing almost every day to ensure you stay in tip top shape. Make sure to stretch daily to improve your flexibility.

Many dancers include yoga and/or pilates workouts into their regular routine to keep their muscles strong and limber. Incorporate regular exercises that will improve your posture and your turnout.

Then you can drill the basics in your dancing field. Perhaps most importantly, find a qualified dance instructor who can properly train you in your style of dance. Most larger metropolitan areas will have dance studios with high quality instructors.

If you are in a remote area, or are unsatisfied with your selection, you may want to look into some online coaching.


Having the right equipment can have a large impact on your dance abilities. Probably most importantly, make sure you have the proper shoes to support you for the style of dance you’re partaking in.

Your feet are your hottest commodity and you need to make sure they’re well taken care of. You also need to wear clothing that won’t restrict your movement during the dance.

For most styles, this means form fitting clothes from stretchy, knit material. If you’re uncertain, ask your teacher or trainer what is best.


The world of dance has its own language and literature to go along with it. Once you find your calling, immerse yourself in the style of dance that you are studying.

Are you a ballerina?

Attend local ballet productions. Find videos of great dancers performing famous ballets. There are some performances that are regarded the same as a classic book of literature and everyone is expected to know the story.

Jazz or tap your thing?

Find your local musical theater organizations or check out videos of musicals. Watch for stylistic elements that you could imitate in your own performances.

Whatever your preferred genre, it is always helpful to watch others who have been successful in the field and take whatever knowledge away from them that you can.


Perhaps the most captivating part of a dancer’s performance is the way they express themselves on stage. It’s imperative that you research the songs you’re dancing to or the plot of the show that you’re in.

Really try to get in character and express the emotions of the dance to the audience. If you’re struggling with a particular piece, don’t be afraid to reach out to your fellow dancers, the director, or even the choreographer for help connecting to its core message.

In the end, the more you can capture your audience’s attention and influence their emotions, the more rave reviews you’ll get!