Different Types of Cakes According To Choices of Flavours


Different types of cakes are prepared according to choices of flavour. These cakes are different from one another not only due to the flavours, but also the process of baking and time took differ in many ways. These cakes are special as they can be prepared for special occasions according to choices of people.

These different types of cakes can be prepared simply with the different added flavours and cream prepared from separate essence and flavours. They can be classified into certain types and some the choices for the likenesses of both kids and elders are discussed below.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake is a mixed colourful cake containing a well-formed base of any choice, but the external look of the cake made it a perfect blend for a party. There are all types of flavours in the cream, making it filled with different kinds of taste. The best part about preparing the cake is that there are no rules about the base of the cake. All that people are going to love is a perfect choice for the cake.

Dora Cake

When it comes to children looking for a dessert, a thing that they can relate to is the best for them. All the kids, who watch the iconic cartoon Doraemon, are going to love the dora cake. The specialty of the cake is that it has two soft pie-like layers on both sides. In the middle, there is a place filled with great amount of chocolate cream. This is something that kids are going to love eating. That is the reason for which in parties attended by kids, this cake is the best choice.

Black Forest Cake

All the people who love chocolate cake are going to love the taste of this cake. There are numerous ingredients, but all have a thing common and that includes a chocolate base, chocolate creams and chocolate waffles in it. This sweet taste is something that people crave for and those who love chocolate flavoured dessert, nothing can be better than this cake.

Strawberry Magic Cake

Strawberry lovers who prefer cakes of this kind can choose strawberry magic cake. The internal flavour is filled with a base of strawberry. The external structure of the cake is filled with strawberry cream and a strawberry on its top to garnish. This can be a heavenly experience to eat for the strawberry flavour lovers. There is rose water in it as well making it a lovely cake to look forward to.

Mango Flavoured Cake

This is a new recipe of a special cake that people love to eat because of the great vanilla base in it along with the mango sauce above it, the sauce adds to every flavour of the cake. The cake may have a vanilla base but also contain an essence of mango flavour. This is the reason why lovers of mango can get the essence of it even when there is no summer season.

These desserts are lovely choices for any party and people should be offered one of their choices so that they can end the meal perfectly.