Dogs Are The Right Kind Of Medicines For A Healthier Heart And A Happier Life


We have always known the positive effect of having a dog in the house, however, the best part of having a dog is that it can keep us fit, happy, and healthier.  As a dog owner, most of you will agree the cuddles and kisses you receive from your dog are full of unconditional love. Apart from these, there are some scientific reasons attached to owning a dog that we may not have realised yet.

  • Mood Uplifters:

A lot of researchers have backed this by providing studies on how a dog can actually help the owners gain a positive outlook for everything. In fact, according to the Harvard Study, having a dog reduces the creation of stress hormones in human body. It also says that, the bond that a dog and a human share directly connects the two with an intangible emotional bond that nurtures the mind, body, and soul with a magical spell. All the dog owners can relate to the fact that their dogs are the first one to comfort them during difficult times. Dogs are great at reading human emotions and they act accordingly when surrounded by their loved ones.

  • Socially Acceptable:

Going out for a morning walk every day and starting a conversation with a complete stranger seems too odd. However, the same thing becomes amazing when you have a dog walking along with you. Chatting with a person who has a dog himself or loves dogs as much as you do help you create that bond socially. Therefore, dogs help to break those social bottlenecks that we humans have created and cannot break otherwise.

  • Boosts Your Exercise Routine:

With dogs, there is no limit to your exercising schedule. Having a dog means that your dog needs a lot of exercise and with him, you tend to exercise even more, as, exercise means keeping your dog healthy! A lot of studies have shown that dog owners are healthier and experience low blood pressure, low cholesterol levels, and have a healthier heart as compared to non-dog owners. Aslo, dogs give us that nudge we require to explore various unknown territories that we would never explore otherwise.

  • Elevates The Immune System:

Another benefit of having a dog in the house is that it boosts a child’s immune system. According to a research, if a dog is present in a house where children live then these children are more secure from allergies and do not experience obesity, unlike others. Having a dog benefits the child during his first six months of his life. In fact, it plays its positive health card even when the child is in the womb.

  • Life-Savours:

A lot of dogs can be trained for saving the lives of their owners. If a dog owner is suffering from diabetes, dogs have this miraculous sense of smell, unlike humans that let them know whether the level is too high or low and they behave accordingly.  In fact, research has shown that 90% of dogs have helped their owners in detecting cancer by just using their sense of smell.

  • Minimizes Stress Levels:

Apart from mood uplifters, dogs are great for managing stress. In 2012, office colleagues in North Carolina were allowed to bring dogs to their workplace and the results of it were pretty phenomenal; it lowered the stress levels! Spending time with dogs releases oxytocin in the brain also known as the happy hormone.

  • More Responsible:

Having a dog around you means having a lot of responsibility as dogs need proper care and grooming. Dogs need toilet breaks after short intervals, they need proper feeding, vaccines, and a lot of exercise. On top of it, dogs crave for human company. If you lock them up in a room they may create a lot of fuss in the house. Dogs need constant attention! All of this makes us and our children more responsible. Allocating tasks to the kids let them taste the responsibility sweet – Allow your kids to fill our dog’s water container, refilling the food container with the right kind of food at the right time. After a while, the kids need no instructions and perform these tasks on their own with a sense of enjoyment and pride. This helps the kids to create a stronger bond with the dog and enjoy his company to the fullest.


Dogs are not just animals, they are more than a family member. What dogs can do to our health and relationships is beyond comparison, in fact, even the medicines and therapies cannot perform that kind of magic.