Eastman Hand Tools are the Best Exporters of Punches in India


Eastman Cast & Forge Ltd., a part of the Eastman Group manufactures the best quality punches in India. We are also punches exporters from India to more than 40 countries across the globe. Established in 1989, our company has reached heights by maintaining high-quality standards of production and delivery.

We manufacture more than 24 million tools every year all of which are passed through rigorous quality tests before being approved for sales. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers, designers, technicians, and all other employees put in their best efforts in building the company.

The Eastman Group produces high quality, high-speed steel punches which make the job easier for our customers. We also manufacture punches for customized orders. Customers can specify the design, dimensions, and shapes of the punches they require specifically for a purpose. All the tools are sold at customer friendly prices.

At Eastman Group, we give equal attention and importance to social and environmental causes. We have an Effluent Treatment Plant and a Reverse Osmosis Plant which take care of the chemical waste. Not even a single drop of the hazardous wastage is released into the environment.

Our supervisors make it a point to triple check the approved tools to make sure there are no defects in the instruments we manufacture. We take special care with the packaging and delivery process. We understand the importance of quality packing to ensure that the tools are not dented or broken during the delivery. We believe in punctuality. We are reputed punches exporters and deliver your orders on or before the specified time.

Here is the list of Punches manufacture by us.

  • The Letter Head Punches come in 8 sixes. Made of carbon steel, with a black burnish finish and plastic color boxes these are available from 1/16” to 1/2”.
  • The Figure Punches Sets- Induction Hardened is made of carbon steel and has a black burnish finish. These are available in 9 sizes.
  • The Leather Hollow Punches -Induction Hardened are available in 20 sizes from 3/32” to 1 inch. Made of carbon steel, these have a black burnish finish.
  • The Nail Punches – Round Head, Induction Hardened have a knurled body and auto black finish. These are available in 4 sizes.
  • The Nail Punches – Square Head, Induction Hardened come in 6 sizes with a knurled body, carbon steel, and auto black finish.
  • The Drive Pen Punches – 4″(100MM) Long, Induction Hardened are available in 9 sizes. These are made of carbon steel and have an auto black finish with a knurled body.
  • The Drive Pen Punches – 6″ (150MM) Long, Induction Hardened with an auto black finish and knurled body are available in 8 sizes.
  • The Drive Pen Punches – 8″ (200MM) Long, Induction Hardened carbon steel punches come in 8 sizes with an auto black finish.
  • The Centre Punches – Round Head & Square Head, Induction Hardened knurled body for secure grip made of carbon steel are available in 8 sizes each for the round head and the square head respectively.