Enchantment 5 Places in Bali Most Charming


The charm of tourist spots in Bali has breezed into the international world. In fact, often the global community know the name of Indonesia through Bali.

Not only among foreign tourists, distinctive tourist attractions in Bali also got a special position in the hearts of the audience of travel within the country. Tourist traffic to and from Bali always recorded statistics awesome.

Tourist spots in Bali

Compiled from various sources, here are a number of attractions in Bali’s most charming and worth a visit while on the island.


Located in Gianyar, you’ll travel as far as 40 km from Denpasar to can get Ubud. Although administratively Ubud is a village, but you will find plenty of bali ubud villas, restaurants, galleries, as well as a variety of local craft store there.

In Ubud, you will find the magical charm of tranquility, a place of peace in Bali. Many exciting activities you can do while in Ubud, including a bike ride on the edge of the fields, visiting museums, enjoying the culinary variety of Bali, watching Kecak Fire, rafting on the Ayung River, shopping at the Ubud Market, and others.

Tanah Lot

This is one of the tourist spots in Bali which has the best sunset panorama. This is one of the unique charm on the island.

Tanah Lot is located in the middle of the sea, about 300 meters from the beach and there are rocks with a large cave in the middle. The name Tanah Lot consists of the word “Land” meaning rock and the word “Lot” or “Lod” meaning the sea. Overall, meaning land that is in the middle of the sea.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is a tourist spot in Bali is famous for its beautiful panoramic sunrise (sunrise). This is the place to enjoy the sunrise in Bali with enticing treats. Come at 05:30 am, you will get it. That is why, many photographers take a pre-wedding photo background with sunrise at the beach.

Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa is a tourist place in Bali that offers you a large selection of water alluring tourist activities, such as snorkeling, parasailing, diving, boat riding, sailing, surfing, viewing underwater scenery with glass buttom boat, as well as various other water sports activities.

This is the tourist paradise of water in Bali. It is also one of the family travel destinations that you should take into account.

Kuta Beach

There’s a saying that says, coming to Bali without visiting Kuta Beach incomplete. Beautiful panorama with a strong romantic impression is the main character of the tourist attractions in Bali this one. In Kuta, there are many cafes, malls, to discotheques. Kuta is the nightclubs in Bali’s most famous. No doubt, the area of Kuta in Bali are always full of tourists visit.