Everything You Should Know About Australian Tourist Visa For Indians


Australia is the host to thousands of people who go to the beautiful country for a tour. Being one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, it attracts several visitors from all over the globe. The purpose of the trip may be different for different people. While some plan their vacations to the country, some may be going for a business meet or office work. Some of them may want to meet their relatives living there while some can be shifting permanently to the country. People of different origins keep going to Australia every year and Indians make a major part of it. The purpose of the trip may vary, but one thing that all non-residents planning to visit this place must have is a visa. If you live in India and wish to take a tour, then you need to have an Australian tourist visa for Indians first.

Visa and the information contained in it

Visa is a specific document that gives permission to a person to enter any country. It is a permit that is issued by the government allowing a person to enter, stay within, and leave the particular country for which it is issued. The information present in it includes-

  • The duration for which the foreigner will stay there
  • The territory or state in which they will enter
  • The dates of the entry and exit from a particular place within
  • And the number of visits that are permitted to that person

Valid visas in Australia

Since the purpose of people visiting Australia can be various, so the government has also categorized the visas according to the type of visit.

  • For individuals wishing to work and live there should apply for a skilled migration or work visa.
  • The ones planning a trip or a short holiday should have a visitor’s visa.
  • Students pursuing their education in the local universities of Australia should have a student’s visa.
  • A provision of partner visa is also available for the married couples.

SoIndians going on a trip should have a visitor’s or tourist visa that will allow them to enter the country and spend their vacations there.

Visa application process and related tips

In order to apply, you first need to fill in the application form. The service is available online, on the internet on various websites. But it is very important to find the best Australia visitor visa service India. The agency should be the one that can be trusted and should be a registered one as well. It is not much difficult to find such company, all you require to do is a bit of searching. After finding the right agency, you can provide them with your details and complete certain formalities that they ask you to. Companies providing the visa making services charge a fee for it which may vary from agency to agency. So along with finding the one with outstanding service, you also need to compare the charges and grab the best deal available.