Fasten nuts and bolts with one tool


Nuts and bolts are the best options when it comes to fixing two different things in the world of mechanical engineering. The market has a number of nuts and bolts of different sizes that perform different roles. A socket spanner or wrench is very widely a handle having a 90-degree ratchet, together with cylinder-shaped sockets having different sizes. The sockets fit over the ratchet through a square nub. You are capable of setting the ratchet to loosen or fasten, after that put the socket in position onto the nut as you rotate the handle.

The ratchet socket spanners having interchangeable sockets is in use since 1860, a fairly newcomer as compared to the conventional wrenches like open-end and box-end wrenches. Nevertheless, both kinds of wrenches enclose their benefits and will at all times there along with their draws. Below are given a few differences amid the two types.

Socket Wrench

The high-quality socket spanners possess interchangeable heads known as sockets that fit over a square-shaped fitting provided on its handle. The tool normally is found with a socket set having a lot of sockets have room for an assortment of various-sized fasteners, nuts, and bolts.  

A number of socket spanners possess a ratchet handle, referred to as a ratchet, rendering reversing achievable within limited spaces without separating the socket from its head relating to the bolt and nut. The ratchet as well offers the mechanical leverage to rotate the socket. If the ratchet is long, it can have great leverage.

Conventional Wrench

The two highly commonly utilised conventional spanners tend to be open –end and box –end spanners. Each wrench is provided with a rock-solid handle of steel having a head either on both sides or on one side. To a large extent akin to a socket, the head provided on the box wrench snugs totally just about the fastener. While in the case of the open-end spanner, head merely contacts your fastener on two ends.

Features & Accessories

The socket wrenches are found in several various head sizes of 1/4’’, 3/8’’, plus 1/2’’ and are very widespread. The sockets can be found in 6, 8, and 12 point faces having different depths which include deep, short, and standard.

A lot of socket spanner accessories can be found to access the places that are difficult to reach. These take in universal joints, extensions; speeder handles, flex handles plus various other pivoting mechanisms.


One large benefit of a socket set can be said that it efficiently offers the similar functionality just like multiple conventional spanners in a quite compact bundle. In place of using a separate spanner for different size fastener, you only require a separate socket.

The ratchet mechanism found in a socket spanner renders the job of loosening or fastening nuts easy and rapid in comparison to the conventional wrench. This characteristic is specifically beneficial while working in restricted spaces. As you make use of the conventional wrench, you need to reposition the toll off and on at the time of use.