Features to Avoid at the Dealer when Buying a New Car


When choosing a new car you are going to be inundated with questions and optionsdecisions and questions about stuff you never even contemplated. You don’t want to go into the car shopping process without an understanding of all the things you are going to have to decide on. Educate yourself so when the dealer comes at along a million options, you know the ones that you can’t live without and people who you can. So, all as a dealer sold them upon it at the time of purchase, many people spend extra money on stuff that they’ll never use. Here are some vehicle add-ons that each and every dealer will attempt to sell you on that you should avoid when buying a brand new car.

1. Name Brand Mud Mats

Should you look carefully in the paperwork at the time you purchase a new car, you’ll see outrageous prices for all sorts of things, none more outrageous than a mud mat that has your car manufacturer’s logo onto it. Now why would you want a $280 mud mat with “Ford” written on it instead of a $15 one you may get at Target? You wouldn’t, that’s why. So, watch out if the dealer half-mentions some extra add-ons that you’d be unwise to pass on. Always look at the small print and see what they’re trying to unload upon you. remember, you’re the customer and you also don’t need to take no guff from no-one. If you get to Ontario Used Cars, they will highlight everything very clearly and also you won’t need to guess about what that $280 charge is.

2. GPS

There is a hot second in there that GPS was not standard on almost everyone’s phone, and car companies were rushing in great amounts to get that GPS system installed in a vehicle. For that same hot second, it was awesome to have a built in GPS system in your car, where else would you rather have such a system? Now we can easily all use our phones to navigate – and you can get a phone holder that attaches conveniently to your windshield – and so the days of the usefulness of a GPS built-in to your car are long gone, however. Aside from that, but when I had been shopping for a car at Fairview Ford, I was shocked at merely how expensive the GPS units are. This is an great way to save almost a grand off your brand-new car.

3. Roadside Assistance

Be very careful while you are buying the car because the most profit to the dealer is on the add ons, and there are some which can be completely absurd. The above are absurd, but so too is roadside assistance that a lot of dealers attempt to add on. Why is it absurd? To start with, AAA is really a way better bargain because it’s a much wider network so it keeps the price down (sort of the same principle as Obamacare). And moreover, the roadside assistance offered as an add-on to your new car has such a limited range that it’ll never be nearly as effective as AAA. This really is easy money that they are just taking straight to the bank, very much like an extended warranty on a product you buy at Best Buy. It’s never a good idea!