Five Tech Tips for Your Next Train Journey


The Indian Railways runs more than 13,000 passenger trains. With almost three crore passengers travelling every day, it is one of the most prominent organisations in the world. With the majority of the country having access to a smartphone and to a certain extent, the internet, and the train experience can be improved through the use of these devices. The Indian Railways has also released a multitude of features, allowing customers to check for status and availability. It has made the life of the common man much more comfortable. Ten years back, being able to check the status of a train through one’s phone would have sounded preposterous.

Here are tech tips for convenient train travel in India.

1.    Train and seat availability

With a multitude of websites and applications, it is possible to know about the railway seat availability status of the various trains. The great thing is that on some apps it is not even necessary to link the IRCTC account. With just the source station, destination station and date of travel, you can get all the required information.

2.    Confirmation of the Waiting List

Gone are the days when one would have to travel to the train on the morning of the journey and check the lists to know if they have a seat. Now, with some apps, it is possible to know the confirmation of the waiting list tickets. A scale showing the chance of getting a seat is also provided based on the trends of that particular location. They might not be particularly accurate though.

3.    Ordering food

The Indian Railways are not generally well-known for their particularly delicious food. Some apps, however, help you order food from other sources, ensuring that the tastiest local delicacies are delivered right to your seat. Once you enter the PNR number and station, you will be served the food, hot from the kitchen. Payment may be done online or you could select cash on delivery, as per your requirements.

4.    Upcoming Station Alarm

Imagine a scenario where your destination must be reached at 3AM. You set your alarm at around 2:30 AM, and when you wake up, realize that the train is late and that it will be another few hours by the time you get to your stop. It is a frequent scenario that most of us can relate to. Instead, on the Indian Railway Smart Alarm, you can choose your destination station, and a radius within which you want to be notified. Using your phone’s GPS periodically, the app will give you an alarm when you are within the specified radius of the station.

5.    Offers during booking

Everyone loves to save some money. With several cashback schemes and discounts, several websites will allow you to book tickets much cheaper than on the Indian Railways website. You must link your Indian Railways account to the app to be able to make any sort of bookings.

Now that you know about these features, next time you travel by train be sure to make use of them. You train experience will undoubtedly be elevated!