How Ehic Health Card Is The Best Travel Companion To Europe


If you talk about travel essentials then E111 health card is the most vital thing especially in case of Europe trips. This card will be a great companion and it plays a great role during acute medical emergencies. This is not just an ordinary card but it is an asset during your EU tours. The card can easily be accommodated in your wallet while you travel.

There are certain specific norms that need to be essentially abided for effective usage of this card. If you wish to know about those norms then you should contact an authorised specialist having a detailed knowledge about the same. Get the best guidance for using the health card correctly. Different kinds of unique health care services are included under E111 scheme for making your travel to Europe flexible.

Knowhow about EHIC-card:

  • You can now get easy access to medical treatments from different popular medical providers under those specific conditions you are insured for.
  • Since health care system differs from one country to another, therefore, you cannot expect completely free treatment everywhere. But yes, lower or reduced medical cost can be surely expected with this card.
  • This specific health card is completely free and it is generally offered by all national health insurance providers. This is a completely personal card and thus every traveller needs to have his own card individually.
  • You should always keep this thing in mind that only your necessary medical costs are being covered by the card. But if you are travelling with an intention of any advanced medical treatment to any EU country then that cost will never be covered by this card. In case of confusion about the cover, you can surely ask the health insurance representative.
  • EHIC card cannot be compared with any health insurance card ever. It does not cover any kind of surgeries or treatments for chronic diseases under a private healthcare system. Therefore, if you think that you are in need of the concerned medical facility then you should definitely opt for any health insurance scheme.

If you want to know more facts about EHIC card then you can extract the same from a certain smartphone application. This app is very much flexible and you can download it easily. Else you can also go to social media pages for common FAQ questions and answers. You can also approach the official site for receiving the updated news about this travel card.

If you are travelling for long vacations then you will not be able to avail facilities under this card. This is because only short stays are eligible for the card facilities. If you are travelling to Europe for any specific purpose that can be completed within maximum 90 days then you can surely carry your E111 card for receiving a proper medical assistance.

No additional paperwork or document is needed at the time of claiming the expenses with E111 health card. Your card’s identification number is the only key with the help of which the insurer will track your registration. Even if you forget carrying your card you can avail the facility just by remembering the identification number. In this case, you can also adopt the measure of informing the authority so that necessary guidance can be received.