How Much Exercise Your Large Breed Needs

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Everyone knows that a tired dog is a good dog. While large breed dogs are not as hyper as some smaller ones, they can still get on your nerves from time to time. Fortunately, exercising your dog is a good way to keep her calm. It’s also a great way to help her maintain a healthy weight and healthy heart, which is especially important for large breed dogs since they are more prone to bone and joint issues as well as heart issues. A daily exercise regimen is important. How much is too much, though?

Exercising a Puppy

A puppy does need to exercise so that her muscles will grow and bones will strengthen. However, you can exercise a puppy too much. You should not run with your dog or put your dog through strenuous exercise until adulthood. The growth plates and bones need to set and strengthen enough to handle the impact of continuous running. If you can’t get out to walk your puppy frequently, you should hire dog walkers in Kent.

They’ll walk your dog as often as you need.

Running an Adult Dog

If your large breed dog has grown to adulthood, you can then run with your dog. Many people like to put their dog on a leash with their bicycle and run their dog that way. This is a great way to get where you’re going while also giving your dog some exercise. You should be cautious, though, for it’s possible to over-exercise your dog. Just like yourself, your dog needs to build up her endurance before going on extended runs. Start small and remember to pack water for your dog.

A dog’s only method for cooling down is by losing moisture from the mouth; you need to be replacing that. Also, make sure that any pavement is not too hot for your dog’s paws. So start slow and stay attentive to your dog’s responses.