How regression can creep in a with new sibling.


Older sibling regression emerges when you bring a new born home. Babies under 4 years have immense difficulty with arrival of a new born. The reason being they can experience or developmental awareness in welcoming a new member to their family. All such titles have less importance to them, so they are hardly bothered by such encounters. Toddlers are prone to development changes and might have undertaken some of them so older child regression new baby is at its peak. Primary areas where a child might regress are as follows


A child who sleeps well during the night might wake up all of sudden for feedings with your new born. They are working with uncomfortable situations which might hinder their sleeping patterns. In an unconscious manner they might wake up in the middle of the night and crave for all much deserved attention. This could also emerge due to time split with a new born.

Potty issues

New born could distract young kids and they forget potty basics. They do wish for a simpler time where parents could devote all attention to them.


For mothers feeding their old child they could crawl back on to their lap, hang from shoulders or arms and nudge the new born baby. They could ask to even nurse themselves. Older siblings could ask for a bottle and act as if they are sipping from a bottle.

It is very difficult for an older sibling to accept attention a mother pays to their new born baby. They would also want to be included as part of the attention modules.

There could be time where parents could channelize their child’s regression to dispel anxieties of a new born. To normalize a child’s behaviour or concerns it is appropriate on the part of a parent. “You would just want to suck from a bottle like your baby sister”. This makes sense but you can spend more time with your mother.

Rather than giving lectures to their kids, onus of parents should be to spend quality time with their kids. The time spend can be used to address all relationship concerns they have with their primary giver.

It could be tempting to check in on your email, clean your kitchen when the baby is taking a nap. Hold on! This would be a perfect time where you can spend isolated 15 to 20 minutes with your older baby. The special time that you spend gives them a sense of belonging that you are in scheme of things.

After settling of a new baby still if the regression continues, to be specific it would be around 5 to 6 months. The warning signals are that older baby is still trying to garner all the attention they could along with connection they long from a parent. A parent should consider the time and attention they are giving their old kid. If time is at a premium they should a schedule where they spend quality time.