How to Control Supply Costs for Your Business


When you own a small business, you have to manage all of the costs associated with doing business, including your cleaning supplies. While you may not have a large inventory of supplies in an office, if you own a restaurant, a pub, or any other type of business frequented by the public, you will have a more significant inventory of cleaning supplies. Here are some of the ways to keep your cleaning supply costs under control.

Central Supply Storage

To help keep an eye on your inventory levels, keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place instead of scattered throughout your building. Label shelves for paper goods and cleaning chemicals so they are always stocked in the same place, which makes ordering and inventorying your supplies easier to do. To reduce theft, make sure that only your managers have keys to the supply area.

Avoid Overstocking

Determine what your par levels are for your cleaning supplies inventory, and keep that amount on hand. To determine the par levels, keep track of your usage for a month and set that as your par level. For instance, if you use a roll of paper towels every three days for cleaning, then you will use about two and a half rolls per week or 10 rolls per month.

To ensure you have enough paper towels, you will want to keep at least one month’s worth of use on hand. You can do this with all of the other supplies that you use for cleaning your premises, like glass cleaner, detergents, sanitiser, and sponges. Also, rotate stock whenever new shipments come in to make sure you use the older stock first.

Set a Budget

When you determine the par level for your supplies, you will be able to set the budget for placing orders every month, since your costs should always be the same. In addition, you should only purchase wholesale cleaning supplies because you will pay less than you would if you bought supplies in a retail store. You should only buy supplies at a store if you unexpectedly run out of something that you need to keep your store clean.

Buy in Bulk

Instead of purchasing disposable containers of supplies, try to purchase cleaning supplies in bulk and divide them into smaller reusable containers. For instance, instead of buying window cleaner in disposable spray bottles, purchase it in litre bottles and pour it into empty bottles that you keep for such purposes. In addition, you can also purchase non-disposable cleaning towels or sponges, for example, instead of paper supplies to save money.

By controlling the costs of the supplies you use for your business, you will be able to stay within the budget for your overhead costs. You can also follow these suggestions to control other costs in a business, such as office or food supply costs. Companies fail when they do not control their costs, but knowing how to control cleaning supply costs will help your business succeed.