How to Deal with Road Junctions


Road junctions can never be an easy deal for any driver, even if it appears to be. It is a zone where maximum coordination and mutual understanding among the drivers are required. Then comes the  different kinds of junctions. While some stand as T-junctions, others are crossroads. Somewhere things get further complicated if it is the center of the town or there is a big shopping complex at the corner, or if there is a hospital where cars and ambulances are to be given priority to all other vehicles.


To make things easier, the road authorities keep relevant markings on or besides the road to instruct the drivers the proper way. These are made to maintain the traffic flow smoother and following these, one can avoid any untoward event while dealing with road junctions. Here is a brief note we collected from the Chevrolet dealer Fresno on these markings that convey a message for the drivers.

Give Way:

Most the junctions are marked with a sign of Give Way that indicates of a higher priority road coming ahead. This sign is generally marked together with a warning triangle of red and white lines that are painted on the road surface near the junction. It is to tell a driver to delay his entry to the main road till he sees it to be clear.


The stop sign asks the driver from the minor road to halt near the junction, irrespective of the traffic conditions.

Route Signs

Where there are traffic lights or roundabouts you do not get to see a Stop or Give Way sign. Instead, you get route signs that are posted well forward of the junctions to let you know which turn you need to take as per your choice of destination.

Reflective Markers

Motorway junctions usually maintain countdown posts that leads towards the slip roads off the carriageway. Drivers while passing through a slip road can see these reflective markers spread through the surface of the road at the left of the left-hand lane that change in color from red to green when traffic starts getting clear ahead.

Joining Approach

Below is a list of challenges you frequently experience while driving. Check them out to know, how to approach them.


When you are at a crossing, don’t ever try to sneak through a small gap to stay ahead of the traffic stream. It might create panic in the oncoming drivers and make them brake too hard.

Right turns

When you need to take a right turn, first you need to watch out for any car and wait for it to slow down before entering into a slip road you wish to take on the right.

The Bottom Line

As learned from the Chevrolet Fresno dealership experts, every driver needs to be extra careful while dealing with the road junctions. There would be drivers who are habitual law breakers. And they mostly choose the crossings to break the rule, as they want to skip the waiting part. To stay safe from such careless drivers, and also from any miscalculations, every driver needs to make use of their rear view mirrors as well as the road signs and follow them without any exception.