How to Prepare the Exterior of Your Home When Listing It


Typically when selling a property we focus on preparing the inside of the house and treat the outside as an afterthought. In many ways, the exterior of a home is just as important as the interior. A well-tended home both inside and out may make the difference in creating an offer. Do not make the mistake of ignoring the exterior as it can affect the length of the listing and the price.

Take some time to walk around the yard and contemplate any things needing maintenance or repair. Thinking of it as part of the staging process and making a list of what needs to be done helps makes it less overwhelming. Here are a few considerations when preparing your Springfarm Yorkhill home’s exterior.

The Roof

Any savvy buyer will ask the age of the roof while inquiring whether it is in good shape or not. You want to be able to say yes it is. If there is any moss on it you need to get rid of it as it damages the structural integrity of the roof. There are products on the market to help you deal with this. Also, if there are any missing shingles or damaged ones replace them so your roof looks great and well-maintained.

The Eaves

Most do not consider cleaning the eaves a fun job so they often get ignored and neglected. However it is very important to keep them maintained and well-cleaned. Especially when you have potential buyers touring your property. The purpose of gutters is to keep water away from the house so it does not negatively affect the foundation by causing mould or rot. Clogged or sagging eaves also allow water into your roof.

The Exterior Walls

First impressions are important when attempting to sell your home and the exterior is what buyers see when arriving for a tour. If the paint is peeling or weathered looking you may want to consider investing some time and money on this project. If you do not want to do the whole house, even doing the window and door frames will liven it up. If you have shingles repair or replace any missing one.

The Fence

The fence is also included when we talk about first impressions. If it is leaning or missing panels it will make buyers wonder how well the rest of the house has been taken care of as well as creating a run-down look. Re-stain it if it looks sun damaged and re-paint any peeling paint. Repairing and replacing damaged pieces will make the house look more appealing to potential buyers.

The Front Porch

Framing the door and welcoming buyers into your home, the front porch is an important element when staging a home. Ensure it is in good shape either freshly painted or stained. The steps should be solid and maintained. Buy some planters with flowers or herbs and have them on each side of the door inviting viewers into the residence.

The Yard

While the front yard creates a good first impression the back yard leaves a positive lasting one. Many home buyers are looking for a nice outdoor area when viewing a house so put some effort into making it a tidy space they imagine hanging out in. Your bushes should be trimmed and the lawn mowed. Plant a couple of young trees and hang some flower baskets from the back deck.

The Back Deck

A cozy outdoor lounging area helps to entice most buyers and may push a sale. If you have a back deck make it shine. If you cannot afford expensive outdoor furniture check out some second-hand places. Buy some cushions to match. Consider getting a propane fireplace to add to the ambience. Ensure any repairs or updates are done and the paint or stain is in good shape.

The Driveway

A cracked driveway with oil patches and weeds growing throughout is not great for curb appeal and might look like a future problem to potential buyers touring your home. There are cement-repair products that can help you to fill or patch cracks and chips in the concrete. If you have an asphalt driveway call in an expert and get it repaired and resealed. If it is dirt, fill-in pot-holes and rake it so it is smooth.