How To Replace Your 4WD Battery When You Are Out On Your Great Adventure


You are out in the middle of nowhere, where there is no cell phone coverage and your battery has finally failed you.  Luckily, because of the isolated area that you were planning to visit, you took the added precaution of bringing a spare battery.

Now all you have to do is remember how to change them over.  The following guide should jog your memory.

Disconnect the battery

Find the negative lead from the latest car battery prices (this is designated by a “- sign “and the cable is usually black).  It is important to always disconnect this lead first as it will prevent you accidently shorting the positive lead to earth.

Next, disconnect the positive lead (this is designated by a “+ sign on the battery and the cable is always red).  It might be a good idea to tie the leads safely out the way while you remove the battery.

Take care when using the tools that you do not cause a short.

Remove the mounting bracket(s)

Remove the mounting brackets (there are very many different variations of brackets, so you might need different tools).  Take care not to short the battery terminals when you remove the brackets.

Remove the battery

Here it is advisable to use the handle that forms part of the battery for this task, otherwise grip it firmly on both sides.  Lift the battery vertically out of the battery compartment without tilting it too much.  (This is important to avoid spilling battery acid from older type batteries).

Batteries are very heavy for their size so be aware of this before you handle them.

Fit the new battery

Fit the new battery making special note of the polarity of the battery terminals.  In other words, don’t put it in the wrong way round as you will just have to lift it out again.  Make sure it is properly centered in the battery compartment or on the tray.

Refit the mounting brackets

Refit the brackets and tighten firmly.  Do not over tighten them as you might crack the casing causing fluid leakage.

Inspect the battery clamps for any signs of corrosion.  This is easily recognized by a white/green powdery substance on the clamps.  This corrosion needs to be removed as it eats away at the battery clamps and eventually weakens them.  It could also lead to your battery slowly discharging.

The powder must first be brushed off with a wire brush, then the clamps must be cleaned with a solution of water and bicarbonate of soda.  This neutralizes the acid and stops the corrosion process.  Dry the 4WD vehicle battery replacement range from Roadside Response clamps thoroughly.

Reconnect the battery

Reconnect the positive lead to the battery terminal and fasten the clamp bolt.  Make sure you do not overtighten the bolt as you might break the clamp.

Then reconnect the negative lead to the negative battery terminal.  Finally, cover both terminals with battery terminal grease to protect them.

Final Word

If the safety precautions are followed to the letter, then replacing a 4wd battery is a simple process.