How to shave properly


Shaving is something that men do on a regular basis. Those who like to have a clean shaven face; this is a daily activity for them.

One can buy organic shaving soaps for their daily use as they have hardly any chemicals in it. Also one needs to know the right steps when they are doing shaving every day.

There are many men who do not do it properly and miss a lot of steps in between. But they should do it by following all the necessary steps.

The first and very important step is to rinse the face properly with a pre shaven soap and lukewarm water. This will remove the excess oil and dead skin cells which can actually clog up the blades while shaving. The hot water will moisten the face and will make it soft which will help one to shave easily. One can also take a hot shower before they shave. The steam from hot water can also open the pores and soften the hair.

It is not at all a good idea to apply shaving cream directly to the dry face because then you may not enjoy the full benefits of it. Always try to invest in a good shaving cream. It should always have rich and creamy texture and not so foamy. The rich and creamy texture can provide more lubrication and it will be easier to achieve the desired result by using them. If you have a sensitive skin, then go for shaving creams that are suited to that type of skin only. Once you apply shaving cream on your face, and then keep it for a minute or so before you start shaving. This will smoothen the facial hair for a smoother shave.

One should also use a proper shaving brush for regular shaving. For close and smooth shave, this shaving brush is an essential tool. The brush does some essential things. First it helps evenly spread the cream to each and every strand of facial hair, raising them up making it easier to cut giving you the best chance to have the closest shave possible. Second it helps remove dead skin cells and exfoliating skin which reduces the risk of irritation, razor bumps and blemishes. Finally, compared to using your hands, a brush will help create a rich creamy lather that will be close to the skin as possible to help lubricate both beard and skin better. So when you are buying a brush choose the ones whose bristles have proper balance of stiffness and softness.

One also needs a sharp razor for proper shaving. If you shave every day the rule of thumb is replacing the blade or cartridge after every five to ten shaves. Consider other factors like how tough your beard is and the type of razor you are using. Before using any razor always try to soak or rinse it in hot water. This will help lubricate as well as dislodge any accumulated facial hair and cream.

One can also use natural shaving soaps if they think chemicals are not suited for them.