Identity and Personal Data Protection: IPSIDY


            In today’s modern society, technology has been advancing to keep up with needs of people. Due to this, some people abuse technology and take advantage of hacking into other people’s personal data or even faking their identity. That is why more and more people are developing new ways to protect their personal data. A perfect example of this advancement which protects a person’s personal identity and data is IPSIDY. IPSIDY can be accessed in this site:

About the Company

            IPSIDY was originally named IDGS and was established in Delaware on September 21, 2011. The name changed to IPSIDY, Inc on February 01, 2017. It has over seventy staffs and is in New York. The company has several subsidiaries like MultiPay which is located in Columbia and Card Plus which is located in South Africa. IPSIDY main mission is to promote security in identity to secure personal data, authenticate transactions made financially and to secure digital access. The company offers 3 services which are Authentication, Identification and Authorization which can help not only individuals but also businesses to secure and verify who they are transacting with and protect their personal data.

            The company provides easy authentication use for their clients through their mobile phones unlike other authentication devices which needs hardware to use. The system functions by completing a transaction via a signed authentication response and embedded information with the user’s identity to authenticate. It supports mobile device such as IOS and Android platforms.

            The team consist of the CEO and President Philip Beck, Chief Financial Officer Stuart Stroller, Chief Technology Officer Thomas Szoke, Chief Information Officer Paul Whittle, Director of Innovation Maxim Umarov, Operations & Client Implementation Henry Tan, Chie of Staff Grace de Fries and Director of Business Operations Diane Zator. Along with their 70 other employees.

The Core Technologies

            IPSIDY’s function is to secure personal information using biometric identification, identity management and process electronic transaction. It has 3 core technologies which are:

·         ID Lock

ID Lock uses authentication by identifying users with biometric verification which includes recognition of facial features, iris, fingerprints, and voice detection. It can also authenticate using digital signature.

·         ID Search

ID Search uses identification by using biometric identification. It uses a finger print matching technology by biometric backend search modes for greater security of their client’s data.

·         ID Transact

ID Transact uses authorization by use of authorize networks. This is mostly used for mobile transactions. It has digital assurance, a mobile wallet offering clients a storage for virtual storage cards, and many more.


            In conclusion, the company IPSIDY offers a great service to their client as it protects the most important thing which is personal data. Due to the advancing technology, the stealing of personal data, fraud of transactions, hacking and many more has arisen and that is why companies and individual should always consider using security application or devices to prevent these incidents from happening. IPDISY promotes awareness and knowledge in securing one’s identity and verifying transactions when needed.