Is it Time to Get Your Suspension Upgraded?


A vehicle’s suspension system is not usually a top priority for some people thinking about a vehicle upgrade. But as most Australians who know a thing or two about vehicles, it is an essential factor in ensuring your vehicle functions properly. Without a proper and well maintained suspension system, you will quickly discover that your ride is not a real ride at all. If you trust in your vehicle to perform when you need it to, you will want to ensure that the suspension system that supports your transport is functioning perfectly.

When Do You Need to Get Your Suspension System Upgraded?

Professionals will tell you that there are two times when an upgrade to your system is a good idea, and in your best interests. The first is should you be considering any modifications to your vehicle to make it perform any additional tasks that may not have been contemplated when you first purchased it. You should either do some research or have a chat with experienced experts in that field, to see what they have to say on the matter. If you don’t, and any damage occurs, there’s only one person to blame, right?

Number Two

The second time to think about an upgrade is when you find and feel that your suspension has worn out and is in need of replacement. This is vital if the failure of the suspension has occurred before you expected it to, and may have happened if you have somehow been over stressing the suspension springs. If this is a reality, why would you want to install the same system again that already has proved inadequate? It’s in your best interests, instead, to check out something more robust and better quality.

Safety First

Any vehicle that does not sit level, no matter what the surface, or displays poor handling is trying to tell you something and demonstrating problems associated with its suspension system. This is an uncomfortable ride and affects the safety of the vehicle, so for your safety and any others in the vehicle, it should be repaired and upgraded as soon as possible. Should this be the case for a 4×4 suspension in Perth, get it sorted.


So, now you have some idea and know how and why your suspension is of the most importance. If you weren’t aware before, the next time you drive your motor, pay close attention to any distinctive feelings that the car throws at you during driving, such as accelerating, turning and cruising. Determine what you like and don’t like about the feel of the drive. Then, you will now know exactly what you want to change, and what to tell the experts what kind of suspension you will need. For those seeking high performance 4WD suspension, click here for a team of professional, knowledgeable and dedicated service experts, who know exactly what it is necessary to help you find the perfect upgrade for your 4×4 suspension system.

Smooth as Smooth

Feeling is believing, and hope that ride goes as smooth as can be! Enjoy!