Is smoking e cigarettes during pregnancy a healthy option


For a mother who does smoke for the first time it is suggested that you do keep the stick out of hand. What happens is that they resort to the use of electronic cigarettes. They feel that less harm is going to be caused as there is no nicotine in the system. Is vaping safe during pregnancy and a lot of women are bound to give their thumbs up? The sad part is that many of them do not get down to the details as well.

In simple terms Vaping when pregnant is not recommended in any is stated to be harmful both for the baby along with the mother. Before we get to the details we need to understand what the difference is between an electronic and a normal cigarette is.

The difference

In case of an electronic cigarette is an electronically operated device with a liquid in it. There are various chemicals present in the liquid and it is in concentrated form. When you lit up the cigarette the nicotine inside it gets heated up and goes on to produce a water vapour that is inhaled. This process also goes by the name of Vaping. The main difference between an electronic cigarette and a regular cigarette is in case of the latter smoke is produced when nicotine burns and we inhale it into our lungs. In fact these fumes are loaded with thousands of harmful chemicals. A point to be noted is that the nicotine content in both electronic and regular cigarettes is the same and even if a pregnant women smokes an electronic cigarette the health concerns are going to be the same.

The various reports in the market does point to the fact that every few people are aware of the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes. Most people are of the opinion that it is safe than regular cigarette and some even go to the extent that there is no nicotine in them. But contrary to reports it has been proved that since electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine they do work out to be a source of addiction as well.

Is there any risk in Vaping when you become pregnant

The golden rule is that you do stay away from cigarette when you are pregnant as it not only harms the mother but the baby inside the stomach as well. There are numerous risks associated if you are plan to Vaping when you become pregnant. The main reason why harm is caused to the developing baby is nicotine and this is present in abundant quantities when it is an electronic cigarette as well. It is not about the normal complications, there might raise some other issues that could not be prevented when a mother is into smoking during the course of pregnancy.

The rule to be followed is that you should stop smoking the moment you find yourself to be pregnant. Any form of nicotine is part for your body at this point of time.