Is There Safety at All in Steroid Use?


In the world of sports, steroid use is almost synonymous with cheating. As a direct result, these compound get a very bad reputation. Some steroid users use them as early as when they are in middle school just to gain an advantage in their playing fields. What are steroids and why are they so widely used? Steroids are derivatives of the “male”  hormone Testosterone. Although females also produce this hormone, it is in negligible levels that it produces no effects at all. These compounds have been synthesized first as medication for depression. After some clinical studies done on mice, it was discovered that they have noticeable effects on muscle mass and so testing was done on patients with debilitating conditions. It was then used in World War II as a performance-enhancing drug and helped those soldiers who suffered from malnutrition. They bulked up and fought better on the field. After the war, Soviet wrestlers used them to their advantage in their games. This led to athletes using them and when they learned about its muscle building capabilities, it spread like wildfire to bodybuilders. Then the internet came into the mix, campaigns for its use literally shouted Buy steroids online America! Massive advertisement fuelled by millions of dollars made people Buy Steroid Cycle online in droves. and thus began the never-ending debate for the safety in steroid use.

     In steroid use, safety is a relative term. Which brings us to what experts say as any drugs Therapeutic Index or TI, which is actually that border between a drugs effectivity while having minimal side effects to being ineffective because of low dosage. Because of steroids having a wide range of TI, the user may have to do some testing before they will know what their index is. The thing is steroid is just like any other drug, they can all damage your kidney or liver if abused and not properly administered. Arm yourself with knowledge and if you really want to be safe, do not use any at all. The safest cycles would be to use the safest steroid in shorter cycles.

     Before doing or starting a cycle, ask yourself about your goal, do you want to get ripped or just basically burn fat? This will answer what type of steroids you will be using and the type of preparation you will need to undergo. The risks will always be there no matter what and if it is unavoidable you can only prepare yourself to have the most minimal side effects as possible while on a cycle. A lot of experts emphasize to have your blood be tested for baselines and health markers before, during and after your cycle. This is the only way you can actually know what is going on in your body.