Major Considerations To Select Genuine Countertop Vendors


Fabricating and installing the countertops is a tedious task that requires honest services of the countertop-vendors. Those in the market to hire them must consider as follows :

Professional accreditation – People that like Medusa Stone kitchen worktops and such fabrications by the other installers should ask them for their professional accreditations and industry certifications. It must be ensured that the stone fabricator is not just an ordinary member of any industry organization. He or she must hold the MIA Accreditation or other significant certification with regard to assurance, compliance and craftsmanship.

Varied surfacing options – The kitchen worktop installer must be able to facilitate different options including quartz, granite, natural marble, soapstone, solid surfaces, cultured marble and eco-friendly products to make your kitchen give enchanting looks. Other product choices may also be checked for working better for your design and application style.

Slab viewing – Do not ever hesitate to check the stock material with the fabricator. Best prices can be possible by choosing from their material stocks.

Template pairing and slab layouts – It is suggested to ask the hired concern to allow you to select the parts of the slab that would be used for the projects. Economical use of slab material with regard to the final aesthetics of the product must be considered well. Same amount of material may require different ways for laying out the countertops. Few customers may like showing of certain slab sections on their projects whereas many people may not prefer the same. Do not hesitate in your personal participation with the layout of the project.

Handling of plumbing / bath accessories – It is better to ask the stone fabricator about the handling of the plumbing installation and hook-up. The person employed for this particular task should be expert enough and must be a licensed plumber.

Warranties and repair service – Prominent concerns including Medusa Stone kitchen worktops and other stone providers must be asked to facilitate written warranties. Issues including stains from food and beverages should be included in the relevant documents. The warranties must cover and entail the needed aspects that are necessary for compensation in odd situations. Repairs if any must be got done free of cost as regards the possible damages to the countertops.

Necessary guidance – Complete consultation with regard to the project, design expertise and necessary guidance are the requisite aspects that need to considered deeply while hiring Medusa Stone kitchen worktops or other stone fabricators. Hassle-free support and sales services should be confirmed from such service providers that must be honest and dedicated toward their duties and items since made available by them.

Pricing – Needless to write, the stone provider hired by you should not rob you by way of excessive costs and his or her remuneration that cuts your pocket. No hidden costs should ever be included in the bills while buying countertops for your kitchen.

Guys that need stone fabricators and suppliers are expected to fulfill the above genuine demands of the needy persons that hire their services.