Make Your Home Looks Best With The Teak Furniture


Nature indeed is the best medicine. It nourishes you, nurtures you and even relaxes you when you are stressed. After a hard day at the office isn’t it rejuvenating to sit amidst mother nature soaking in the silence, the beauty, the positivity? How lovely it would be to enjoy a meal with the family sitting in your garden amidst the greenery and fresh air. Thus a garden and its decorations are no longer just beautifications of your property but a recreational necessity of every household.

Although plastic and PVC outdoor furniture have become increasingly popular yet traditional teak furniture have not completely lost their market value. In fact, wooden furniture adds class and status to your household and therefore, is always trending in fashion.

But the classic teak furniture has been revamped today to suit the modern society household decor and add to its architecture and aesthetics. Outdoor furniture can be tables, chairs, benches etc. Whatever they may be they are not just pieces of wood roughly shaped into tables and chairs but proper teak furniture designed, glazed and beautifully placed to add to the beauty of your house.

Teak furniture, especially for outdoor purposes is the best choice because not only are they highly durable and strong but are extremely moisture and temperature resistant which means even if they are left outside in the heat and the rain they can last for years to come. They are naturally resistant to termite infestation making them an ideal choice for garden and outdoor furniture. This is because of the natural teak oil present in the wood. Teak furniture not only has the market and resale value unlike plastic furniture but also is very easy to maintain. Dry dusting or a mere occasional washing with soapy water is all you need to maintain it. Teak oils are also available in the market that can be rubbed onto your furniture to maintain its glow and shine. The only disadvantage seems to be the higher price of teak wood and hence such furniture. Affordability is a major issue in the case of this wood. But once bought maintenance is hassle-free and almost inexpensive.

Teak wood and its utility and advantages have been recognised and used by man since age immemorial. Teak wood has been used to build ships and boats because it does not rot easily. Today teak has been restricted to within our household. Its use and application in the furniture industry, however, has not ceased to exist. The demands are increasing day by day.

Known as the ‘royal wood’ by the Burmese, teak has a unique grainy texture that adds to the look, durability, and value of the finished furniture product and is indeed the king of wooden furniture. No matter how expensive furniture you own a pair of teak garden armchairs adorning your porch is all you need to make a classic style statement. It is as they say, ‘old is gold’, so matter who comes into the competition a classic teak garden table will never be out of fashion.