Myths You Should Not Believe About Stick Shifts


At this age of automatic and self-driven cars, cars with stick shifts and clutches are getting sold. Like any other trend, stick shift too is one that has both its own circles of ardent supporters as well as critics. Both the sides have their own sets of arguments for and against the stick-shift system of cars. But somewhere down the line, logic loses its ground and myths come up with more strength and influence people, who do not bother to check things in reality.

Here we would discuss five such myths that are pointed point by the experts of GMC Fayetteville dealership about stick shifts, which are not to be believed:

  1. Manual cars more fuel efficient

This was indeed a fact even sometimes back, that manual transmission vehicles were more fuel-efficient than the automatic transmission cars. But in quick succession this reality became a myth as automatics turned more advanced with additional gears. From a six-speed automatic transmission, the cars have been upgraded with eight-and-ten-speed transmissions today that are now overtaking the manuals in great numbers on the terms of fuel efficiency.

  1. A Manual Car is Cheaper Than Automatic

This is another myth that got framed because of the scenario that was prevalent even few years back. Some years ago, the manual cars indeed costed less, but now, automatic cars are available in the market at the same price as manuals.

  1. Manuals Make Coolest Sports Cars

Some defenders of manual stick shift cars hold the opinion that cool sports car can’t be automatic ones. They strongly believe that a driver can drive faster only with a manual box. But according to some major manufacturers of performance-car, like Ferrari and Jaguar, traditional manual transmissions no longer offer best sports car as automatics have more advanced technologies installed to make a car run faster with ample safety measures.

  1. A Manual Transmission Car Also Has an Automatic Option

Unfortunately, this is another belief that isn’t true every time. In reality there are small groups of cars, which are mostly sporty models, that only come with manuals and they do not offer an automatic version.

  1. Teenagers Should Learn How to Drive Stick Shifts.

Manual cars reigned the world of automobiles for a greater number of years that the automatic cars are yet to cover. So, for the earlier generation drivers, the concept of driving got synonymous with the skill of maneuvering manual stick shifts. It became almost a tradition. For them, accepting the trend of automatic cars becomes difficult. But for the experts, the manual cars are currently a complicated process, that the current generation need not have to get in.

Reality of Stick-Shifts

An expert of the GMC dealer Fayetteville says that if an argument goes about how much fun it is to drive a manual car that would undeniably announce the manual car supporters the winners. The other good thing about learning how to drive a stick-shift is the option to drive in emergency when the only available car is with a stick shift.