Order A Daddy’ App Is Now A Thing In London


Gone are days when mobiles were just used for communication. It has been hyped up and gained several new functions.

Whether you want to order pizza, get a taxi without waiting too much, or shop for clothes, a click on your mobile can make your life easier! As a matter of fact, even looking for a sperm donor in London is so easy. Find out why and how it’s possible.

What’s the fuss all about?

Recently, a mobile app is known as ‘Order  A Daddy’ has been introduced. It gives women a chance to choose a donor according to on specific characteristics such as nationality, occupation, eye color, and race.

As per London Sperm Bank Donors, ‘Order  A Daddy’ app allows users to search through different options when browsing on potential dad. It also has a ‘wish list’ alert which notifies them once a donor with their desired attribute becomes available. Its search function will quickly provide you a rundown of prospect father. A number (Donor 001 or Donor 300) titles each sperm.

Furthermore, women can select ‘Find out more,’ another feature which provides information about the sperm donor like personality, summarization of their characteristics as well as medical information. This description serves as an insight about the donor. Say for instance, “Charming, talkative and loves to play sports.” Usually, these applicants come from the different sectors of the society such as hospitality, medicine, law, performing arts, creative work, etc.

How does it work?

Users could purchase the sperm sample of the donor through paying £950 thru the app. After that, it will deliver the sample to the fertility clinic of the woman who needs the treatment.

This app simply markets itself as one great way to plan ahead your family at your own convenience. It is legal and meets the strict requirements of Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, otherwise known as HFEA. It is known that approximately half of IVF clinic in Britain can legally use this kind of service.

What are the issues it’s facing?

On the other hand, some critics claimed that this app belittles parenthood. Josephine Quintavalle of the campaign group named as Comment on Reproductive Ethics said to ‘The Times’ if how much further our society could go on the trivialization of parenthood. It is like reproducing through the mobile phone. It is like digital dads. It is an ultimate defamation of fatherhood.

But then, Dr. Kamal Ahuja, London Sperm Bank scientific director, insisted that the app was tailored to keep with booming online transactions. He further said that everyone is making online transactions, just like what we do these days.

‘Order  A Daddy’ can make a woman’s life easier as it lets her get the right sperm, gain control over her privacy and decide at her own convenient time.


Whether you’ll use this app or not in the future, it’s up to you. After all, we have our preference and beliefs about technology and parenthood. As long as we know how to raise a child and build our own family correctly, it doesn’t matter anymore where the father comes from.