Orlando: 5 Reasons To Go


When most travelers think of Orlando, they immediately envision Disney. And while Disney is indeed a major attraction for the area, it isn’t the only thing that draws thousands of travelers to Orlando each year. In fact, there are dozens of reasons to visit Orlando without taking the famous Disney exits. So if you aren’t into Disney but still want to put in a terrific central Florida trip this season, then check out these top non-Disney benefits that cause travelers to jump in their RV rentals and head for Orlando each year.

The Weather

Although it may not be along the coasts, remember that Orlando is firmly within the Sunshine State and therefore benefits from year-long warm weather. The climate is incredibly mild during the winters, so if you are looking for a warm place to visit away from the crowds along the coastal beaches, then consider aiming your RV toward the center of the State where warm temperatures can be had year round.

Dining And Shopping

The presence of Disney draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Orlando area each year, and an entire industry has sprung up in order to feed and entertain the area’s tourists. This is good news for you, since it has led to a boom in fine dining, shopping, and entertainment in the region. In downtown Orlando alone you can find many dozens of dining options, from fine sit down fare to dozens of food trucks. No matter the type of food you are looking for, you will be able to find it in Orlando.

The same goes for the shopping. No matter if you are looking for luxurious high end brands or funky boutiques, there are many options to be found throughout the Orlando region. If you’ve always thought that Orlando consisted of only Disney shops, then you’ve thought wrong. There are many up and coming neighborhoods in the metro region boasting unique shopping opportunities that don’t include Mickey Mouse.


One of the many reasons non Disney bound individuals load up their RV rentals and hit sunny Orlando is the many different forms of entertainment on offer. First of all you have the Orlando Magic, the famous NBA basketball team and former home of Shaquille O’Neal amongst other greats. You don’t have to be a basketball fanatic to enjoy the scene at one of these games, since it is more about the spectacle than the game itself in many ways.

As Orlando has grown as a metropolis, so too has the level of entertainment coming through town. These days you have international touring acts regularly making stops on Orlando, including giants of the rock, hip hop, and country worlds. There are tons of smaller shows as well in clubs around the metro region offering up great selections of indie and nearly all other forms of music. This is not to mention the many dozens of other forms of entertainment on offer, from theatre to circuses and fairs and much, much more. All you have to do is take a look at the local entertainment listings on any given night to see that Orlando is a vibrant center for entertainment and nightlife.

Winter Park

This stunning historical district is far from the Disney hoards and boasts an amazing amount of sightseeing and activities for the non-theme park tourist. This neighborhood is made up of gorgeous historical homes and boasts many of the best restaurants in the region. You have lush landscaping, lakes, and parks that make this an aesthetically-pleasing location that draws you right in. It is easy to spend an entire day in this district, taking in the sights, the sunshine, and the many things to do.

Take in the Charles Morse Museum of American Art and see the world’s largest collection of Tiffany glasses, stop in at one of the many great wine bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, stroll through one of the lush parks dotting the district, or check out some of the amazing historical craftsman houses that line the green, inviting streets of Winter park.


Orlando isn’t just for indoor activities. Those looking to get out into nature will find plenty of options in this region, and one of the most visible is the amazing kayaking opportunities to be found here. There is a wide network of rivers and lakes in Orlando and in the surrounding region, making for a plethora of kayaking opportunities. Whether you are looking for a long river run or a nice day out on a calm lake, either can be found here. No matter if you’re in the mood for a guided tour or to set out on your own, you can do so from your Orlando base with only a short drive.

Beyond just Disney, Orlando offers a plethora of opportunities that draw travelers and their RV rentals each year. So if you’re looking for a warm destination away from the coasts, then don’t forget about Orlando.