The art of passing a drug test explained


Due to the fact that in many states taking a drug test is required for many job positions, people nowadays are struggling with this issue from a few perspectives. In a fact, when it comes to drug testing, there are a lot of negative aspects, and even though they can be positive in some of the cases, usually those tests aren’t useful when it comes to measuring the person’s capacity when it comes to work potentials, neither when establishing the war against drugs. That’s why we’ve prepared you an article in which the negative arguments will be explained, and once the justification is done right, we will give you guides linked with the steps that should be taken if you are an individual willing to pass through a test such as this without facing the consequences of losing a particular job position, or not taking it at all besides your professional qualifications. But before we begin, we must explain you that this isn’t about the justification of the highly dangerous addictive substances which are having a serious impact over the person’s health, but on the other hand, it is much more on the individual’s right to choose, as well as to use some of the substances which aren’t as negative upon their lives. So if you are willing to draw a difference between those things, as well as to know whether you or the people you love are in need of a professional help, you can click here and learn the main traits of substance abuse.

Why those tests aren’t effective

In this part of the article we will speak more on the selectiveness on those tests, and the fact that the only people which are getting benefit from them are the people producing them, as well as the employees in some cases. Those tests are implemented in order to guarantee that the people who will be working on a particular job position aren’t using any substances, including the recreational drugs, as well as the medical pills which are coming in form as opioids. Some of the recreational substances can have a negative impact if they are used too often, while the second category of substances in some of the cases are prescribed by the doctors if it is a matter of a particular issue, but on the other hand, many people are using them by their own choice in a matter of the effect. And in a fact, if you are willing to learn more on the dangerous side of consuming those substances, as well as to learn which ones are very dangerous for your health, you can read the following article

But however, there is no doubt that the second group of substances is highly addictive, and once used too often, can make a harm over the person’s health, psychological or physical, but however, those issues will be seen when it comes to measuring the individual’s progress in the working environment. Which is leading us to the point connected with the importance of the person’s private life, and the autonomy of keeping it for themselves, without the need of a third party abusing their privacy. But even more, when it is a matter of the recreational use of some drugs which are allowed in many states, such as marijuana is, the effectiveness of those tests becomes even smaller, due to the fact that many researches have showed that they aren’t having a negative effect as the people in the past thought. With that, the person is fully capable of working, and there is no need of mixing their private life with their professional career and engagement.

The options when it comes to passing a drug test

Those test are usually made in a strictly controlled environment, and you won’t be able to know in advance that they will be occurring. So with that, the options when it comes to cleaning your organism from the THC for example, aren’t included. Since it is a substance that can stay up to 30 days inside your urine, and for 3 months on your hair, the chances that you will be able to get away with it are smaller than you think. That’s why you must think of everything and learn how to control those variables, so with that, using a specially made shampoo in charge to clean the extra THC from your hair might help.

But you must be aware that not every product will be made of quality material, so it is better to be safe than sorry, and you can always consider purchasing a testing kit and performing the test on your own, in order to make sure that there are no traces available inside your system. This is the only way to make sure that they will work with complete guarantee, so experimenting before performing the actual one will help you. Also, there are some products, such as fake powdered urine which can be used as a replacement to the real one, but using it might put you on a particular risk, since you will need to collect urine in a special container inside the lab’s toilet, and of course, once they’ve made a room for things such as this, they’ve kept in mind that those sort of things will occur. And if you are in need of an additional advice, reading the article on this Going Dad link will be of a great help for you, in order to understand the rational part of the story, and learn how to handle the test.


The effectiveness of the drug tests at the workplace has decreased a lot during the years, and nowadays we can say that they aren’t effective at all, and therefore, there is no need of their usage. But however, since changing the system is harder than simply going through it without losing your job, you can choose to purchase a synthetic urine, or simply use a shampoo to remove the THC.