Pearl Engagement Rings – How To Determine An Original Or Fake Pearl?


Love is a beautiful thing, and couples go out of their way to make their partner feel special. So, if you are planning to propose your girlfriend, then asking her with an engagement ring is very romantic. But make sure that the ring which you plan to buy for her should be classy and elegant. But what ring should you buy?

The first thing which comes to our mind when we talk about an engagement ring is a diamond ring. Diamond rings are good and classy, but not everyone can afford it! So, what ring can you buy?

Pearl engagement ring is the best alternative to expensive diamond rings. Pearl jewelry is very classy and also durable. So if you are planning to buy any jewelry for your woman, then going for a pearl one is a great idea.

But also be aware of the fake pearl jewelries that are taking the market by storm. Do not get scammed by buying a fake pearl jewelry. But how would you determine if the pearl is real or not?

In this article, we will discuss a few tests that will help you to differentiate between original and fake pearl jewelry.

  1. The tooth test

To determine if a pearl is fake or not, rub the pearl on your front teeth. If you feel the pearl is really smooth, then it’s surely a fake one. Real pearls will feel rough when you rub against your teeth.

  1. Look for imperfections

The second way to determine the originality of a pearl is to look for imperfections. Completely round pearls are very rare to find. When you buy the pearl, if it has an uneven surface, then it’s an original pearl. A fake pearl will have a smooth surface.

  1. Check for sharp luster

Check the light reflected by the pearl. If the light is bright and catchy to the eye, then you can conclude that the pearl is of good quality. A fake pearl will normally reflect dull light and not that appealing to the eye.

So, when you are going to buy pearl engagement rings for your girl, make sure to buy original jewelry instead of buying a fake.