Planning to propose? Some helpful tips to gift a diamond ring


Planning to propose, but unable to chalk out a perfect plan to implement it? No need to worry at all, we can easily help you out with that. After all, the efforts went in making someone feel special is also beautiful. And the finest way of proposing must include a diamond invariably. Diamonds, in all ages, have surpassed the level of satisfaction and elation in human beings, especially the women folks. Women are fond of diamonds due to their poise and elegance and the ability to instill happiness. This is enough to melt her heart at one go!

How to plan the whole thing:

Primarily, your job is to find a fascinating piece of diamond ring, because that is icebreaker for the day. For this purpose, you have to tactfully get to know the size of her ring finger without her knowing obviously, because it is going to be a big surprise for her on the D-Day! Next is the selection of the exact ring from the lot. Here, it is your intuition, which will help you to guess her choice. It is rather a test of how much you actually know your lady love. It means, whether she will love a round, oval, solitaire, heart shaped or a princess cut diamond and whether she wants it in a yellow or white gold metal base. She might even love to have a two-tiered ring with two diamond pieces entwined with each other, just as you both are in your real life! Big decision, isn’t it, to choose a ring? Well, it serves right for the right purpose too. After that, choosing the right place to buy is again a mammoth task. Although there are several stores, offline and online, yet, picking the most genuine one is the key. You will get online customer reviews in all the shopping sites that will help you to choose the correct brand. You will also get plenty of choices, based on material, color, shapes, occasion or even theme such as ethnic, flower, love or trendy!

The art of gifting diamond:

Once all your research work is done, decision is made, bill is paid and your sweetheart’s diamond ring arrives in a classy case, get ready for following things:

  • Write down a short romantic poem, design a musical e-card with it playing one of her favorite romantic numbers there and enclose it with the ring.
  • Make an arrangement of a lovely evening with romantic lighting, decoration, food and drinks, best on a rooftop terrace and keep the gift ready, to be produced at the right time.
  • Once she arrives, after some chitchat and dining, make your move with the diamond ring, wrapped in love!

Let the rest be your memory!