Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting Water Delivery Service


If you want financial independence, it is time that you break the chains of your day-job. It is, after all, keeping you from achieving your full potential. The good news is that there are many business ideas you can consider but if you are interested in Water delivery, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before starting a water delivery service:

Who are the customers?
Initially, you need to figure out who your customers would be. In a water delivery service, you can sell to private individuals (or home delivery). Remember that water is heavy and people do not want to come over and get it. They will appreciate the idea of someone bringing water at their doorsteps.

Aside from residential places, you should also approach commercial spaces like offices, banking halls, fitness centers, shopping malls, schools, and hotels. When you approach these establishments, make sure to ask for a chance to replenish their stocks regularly. Another business opportunity is supplying water to people who are planning or organizing parties.

What are your products?
If you want to identify the right product successfully, you need to know the different types of water first. For instance, big springs natural spring water is taken directly from the spring. The purified drinking water, on the other hand, has been processed to remove impurities and minerals. Another product is the distilled water, which undergoes vaporization and condensation to remove minerals and impurities.

Aside from the type of water, you also need to figure out the sizes of water bottles. Keep in mind that bottled water comes in many capacities – 1-liter bottles, 50 cl bottles, and 35 cl bottles. Some commercial establishments demand a 5-gallon bottle.
Do you need to purchase a delivery van?
When you consider a water delivery service, a delivery van is a must. This is what you will use to carry your products around. Remember that water is heavy and people do not want to come over and get it.

If in case you cannot afford to buy a delivery van, you can make arrangements with a delivery van rental company. However, you have to be careful with this arrangement because there is a possibility that you will incur excessive business expenses, which will eat all your profit down the line.

What about employing staff?
You can hire marketers that will promote your services. For these people, they will be motivated to get customers because they will earn commissions on each sale they will make. Aside from marketers, you need attendants and delivery drivers.

How about the billing plan?
Finally, you need to establish a billing plan. You have to think of ways to encourage clients to patronize you. For instance, you can ask clients to sign up for monthly or quarterly subscriptions so they will have access to flexible payment options.

To succeed in this business, it is crucial that you maintain a good relationship with your clients and suppliers. You can do this by being consistent and punctual. Keep in mind that water is important and you should not keep your clients waiting for a longer duration.