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Ticket City Review The internet is truly an amazing thing. It has not only altered how business is done, but has also simplified and made things better. Today, you can buy and sell almost everything from the comfort of your home. Buying tickets is no exception. The days of standing in line for hours to wait your turn in a ticket outlet are long gone. Right now, all you need is a phone/computer and an internet connection to get your tickets. There are websites where you can buy and sell tickets. However, not all offer great services and it’s therefore important that you do your research before making a purchase. If you are looking for the best website to buy your tickets, read the review below or check-out this more in-depth review of Ticketcity and decide. What is Ticket City? TicketCity is an online ticket broker headquartered in Austin, Texas. This company gives you the option to buy all types of tickets, from sports concerts to theatre. Founded in the year 1990, this company started small, one computer and 4 employees, and has grown to be one of the best online ticket brokers in the country. Since 1996, the company has been a Better Business Bureau accredited and maintains A+. It had also been featured in many big publications such as New York Times, Forbes and Sports Illustrated. Pros

1. No shipping charges TicketCity has no ticket shipping and delivery charges, which is a very unique feature today. The company can send the tickets electronically or through Fed Ex for free.

2. Customer-friendly website Another benefit of this company is their website. Compared to so many other websites, their website is visually appealing, loads quickly and the checkout process is very simple. Their interactive seating maps are also a bonus, making it easier to hover over a section and select your preferred seats.

3. Safe way to buy Tickets This company gives you a 100 % guarantee about the authenticity and validity of the tickets they sell through their official website. With this company, you don’t have to worry about being conned as they only offer the real thing.

4.30-Day guarantee If your tickets are not delivered in time, TicketCity gives a 30-day guaranteed refund. Apart from this, the company guarantees refund in cases where the event has been permanently cancelled.

5. Great customer care Customer care is extremely important when it comes to buying and selling goods and services. According to many ticketcity reviews, this company has excellent customer service. If you have any complains, their people will work with you to resolve the problem, so you can be a satisfied customer. What’s more, they have a department specifically meant to deal with large corporate ticket sales. Cons Fluctuating Prices Although, the ticket prices are generally fair, the price of tickets sold on their website can sometimes be higher than the face value of the tickets. These prices are not fixed and can even rise without notice. Conclusion If you are thinking of buying tickets, then this is one company you should consider. Whether it’s just a couple of tickets or corporate purchase, you can never go wrong with Ticket City.