Robert Simonds looking to explore new ventures on filmmaking


From the very beginning of his career, producer Robert Simonds has been focused on creating movies that has a wider appeal for the audience. While creating comedies such as Cheaper by the Dozen, The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy, he has created a strong penchant for himself by working in projects that have a strong mass appeal. As a producer who has been in the industry over the last 25 years, Robert Simonds has now gained sufficient professional experience that in turn makes it possible for him to work with any kind of project and turn it into gold.

It is due to this reason that his new studio and production house STX Entertainment has gained such massive media coverage in such a short time. Many people are already considering STX Entertainment to be the next big studio in the world of Hollywood entertainment. The studio has already been compared to some of the leading names in the industry and it is believed that it is going to come up with numerous major projects in the coming years. Numerous well known actors, producers and directors have already worked with STX Entertainment and have praised the company for its sheer sense of professionalism. It is such positive reviews that have made industry insiders take notice of STX Entertainment and the upcoming projects that they are working on right now.

One of the ways in which STX Entertainment is different from other studios at the present moment is their stern decision to refrain from making superhero movies that are so much popular these days. Over the last few years, superhero movies have dominated the landscape of Hollywood in a major way. Eventually this has led many other studios to come up with their own versions of superhero movies. Robert strongly believes that superhero movies eventually fall into a similar pattern which ultimately undermines creativity in a major way. Moreover, these movies are often too costly to make. Most of the superhero movies take around $200 million to $400 million to create. On the other hand, it is still possible to make films with mature content with budgets that range between $20 million and $80 million.

It is exactly this sphere of films that STX Entertainment is focusing on at the present moment. Robert Simonds believes that by maintaining the budget of the films to mid level ranges, he and his studio can create around 15 films on a yearly basis. While these movies are going to take less investment to begin with, they can still draw a substantial margin of profits for the makers and provide them with the platform that allows them to work on even greater projects in the future. It is this approach that have led experts to suggest that STX Entertainment is currently on the verge of a major expansion as they enjoy greater success in the months and years to come. The studio also has sufficient financial strength to start with that can enable them to take more risks when it comes to making films.