Steps To Take When Car Keys Are Lost


Many times the car owners or their drivers lose the keys that put them to much inconvenience apart from financial burden upon their pocket. Getting replacement car keys in harrow or at other places is quite challenging.

Following feasible steps are suggested for the people that happen to lose their car keys:

· Claiming on car insurance – Theft or loss of car keys requires claim for the price of replacement on the motor policy. Many prominent insurers facilitate key cover on their standard car insurance policies. Few companies offer cover for both stolen and the lost car keys. So the person that has either lost the keys or the same being stolen can approach their insurers for making claims for the same. It is suggested that the terms and conditions of insurance are checked. Many insurance companies may help you out by facilitating taxi to bring your set of spare keys from your house. So the persons that lose their car keys must verify the level of insurance cover provided by the insurers.

· Key cover claim – Various insurance companies offer this particular cover for the car keys that are stolen by someone or lost by the owners. It is facilitated in the shape of add on cover on the existing car insurance. Many insurers provide generous benefits in specific cases. They pay even for the car hire if you happen to lose the car keys and are unable to drive the vehicle. The conditions of the insurance may be gone through.

· Call the breakdown service provider – Many times the car owners may forget the car keys in the car and the same may be locked from outside. Calling the breakdown service providers is necessary under such circumstances. They would help you out by getting you back into the car without paying any extra money. All this is possible with the help of spare keys that too depends upon the nature of your car insurance policy. Many insurance companies may help you out by bringing the spare keys from your house and making the same available to you when you lose them at any distant place from your home.

· Purchase new set of car keys – Those thinking to get replacement car keys in harrow or at any other place may have to purchase new set. This is a costly affair as the cost of the new keys is too high. The car dealers engaged in this line have to initiate coding and programming for activating the remote control locking and alarms etc. Those losing their car keys on the highways or at distant places may approach different concerns that facilitate new car keys.

· Contact the locksmith – As the costs of new car keys are too high, it is suggested that ordinary locksmiths may be called to help you out. They are quite affordable and make the new keys for your car at reduced costs.  Their rates are quite cheaper as compared to the garage prices.

The above steps can be of great help for the persons that lose their car keys or the same are stolen by someone.